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Which fraternity were the founders previously in?Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE)
How many members did DKE have?12
Name the 6 DKE brothers who "rebelled"Benjamin Piatt Runkle, James Parks Caldwell, Issac M. Jordan, Franklin howard Scobey, Thomas Cowan Bell, Daniel William Cooper
Name the 7 founders of Sigma ChiBenjamin Piatt Runkle, James Parks Caldwell, Issac M. Jordan, Franklin howard Scobey, Thomas Cowan Bell, Daniel William Cooper, William Lewis Lockwood
DKE alumnus that angered Runkle at the meetingMinor Milikin
When were the 6 "rebels" expelled from DKE?April 1855
GDI "businessman" responsible for setting up the general plan of the fraternityWilliam Lewis Lockwood
Where Runkle and Caldwell lived, now known as the birthplace of sigma chi. second floor room near Oxford's public square on high street
When did the seven founders wear their badges to announce the establishment of the new fraternity?June 28, 1855
Three basic ideals the founders used in forming the foundation of sigma chifriendship, justice, and learning
Said "We entered upon all our college duties with great zeal and earnestness, studied hard, tried to excel in ever department of study, contended for every hall or college prize and endeavored to make our fraternity have a high and honorable standing".Issac M. Jordan
Who pulled off their DKE badge and threw it on the table?Benjamin Piatt Runkle
When was the dinner meeting with Milikin?February 1855
What caused the schism in DKE?Some Dekes voted against a brother in an election for a poetry club

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Where was Runkle born?West Liberty, OH
When was Runkle born?Sept. 3, 1836
How old was Runkle at the time of the founding of Sigma Chi?18 years old
What qualities were Runkle known for that he instilled in Sigma Chi?fearlessness & idealism
What 2 founders joined in designing the white cross?Runkle & Lockwood
Who did Runkle admire and use their vision to pattern Sigma Chi symbolism?Emperor Constantine
What fraternity member did Runkle fight with in chapel for sneering at his badge?Beta Theta Pi
Which civil war battle was Runkle seriously injured and thought to be dead?Battle of shiloh
Which DKE rival wrote a tribute to Runkle, but Runkle actually outlived?Whitelaw Reid
Why did Runkle retire from the military?"wounds recieved in the line of duty"
What did Runkle do after the war?Episcopal Priest
When did Runkle serve as the 7th Grand Consul?1895-97
Where did Runkle spend the last years of his life?Hillsboro, OH
What rank in the military did Runkle rise to by November 1865?Major General, US Army
When did Runkle pass away?June 28, 1916
Where is Runkle buried?Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia
What other professions did Runkle work in? Attorney & professor of military science and tactics
What year did Runkle graduate from Miami (ohio)?1857

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Where was Thomas Cowan Bell born?Bellbrook, Green County, Ohio
When was Bell born?May 14, 1832
How old was Bell when Sigma Chi was founded?23
What were Bell's traits?Learning, wisdom, enthusiasm
Where was Bell's home where all the founders stayed and ate?Aunt Lizzie's house
What became informally known as "the first chapter house of Sigma Chi"?Aunt Lizzie's house
When did Bell graduate Miami?1857
What was Bell's lifes work?Teaching & education
When did Bell enlist in the Union Army?1861
In which battle did Bell earn high commendations?Battle of Murfreesboro (Tenn)
Which rank did Bell rise to?Lieutenant Colonel
What did Bell prefer to be called in the military?"Major Bell"
When did Bell pass away?Feb. 3, 1919
Where is Bell buried?San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio, San Francisco, CA

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