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What does Socrates try to convince another in Plato's 'Republic' that relates to the Form of Beauty, and who is this other?Any beautiful object can seem ugly, and Glaucon.
Why doesn't a beautiful person reveal the whole story about beauty?Because other things like a flower can be beautiful.
What is a possible inconsistency in Plato's theory?Despite saying on Earth 'beauty' is only a refection, he speaks of objects somehow having the Form of Beauty participating in them.
Of which three things in particular does Plato write we have a concept, despite we having not been taught about them?Truth, justice and beauty.
Who are most suitable to rule society, and why?True philosophers, because they seek the Forms of important concepts in their minds.
Why is the pursuit of knowledge not the supreme good?The only true knowledge is knowledge of the Form of the Good.
Who do the people holding statues in the Analogy of the Cave represent?Inept philosophers and politicians.
Who came up with an interpretation of the Analogy of the Cave that links in to 'Free Will and Determinism', and what was it?Robin Waterfield, and that the prisoners' attraction to the shadows represents the limitation of their upbringing.
Which part of the analogy of Cave represents Plato's view on leadership, and to what might this be compared as a criticism?The temptation of the escaped prisoner to carry on contemplating the forms but feeling a duty to go back and educate the prisoners, and a coloniser's desire to 'free' people from a lower culture.
Who suggests when Plato was speaking of the perfect bed in the 'Republic', he was joking, and why?Charles Griswold, because it's highly questionable he thought Forms of Material Objects existed.
Who makes a vaguely relativist case based on Plato's theory, and what does he say?R.E. Allen, and the Form of Truth can be reflected in different ways in the World, like the Form of Beauty.
What story in 'The Republic' does the existence of Plato's Forms challenge?The story of Gyges's ring.
Why are the Forms important in Plato's thinking? Name two reasons.They convey the non-arbitrariness of morality, and why certain concepts are unchanging in a constantly changing world.
What would Richard Dawkins alternatively call what Plato identifies as Forms, what does this mean, and in which book does he say this?Memes, “an element of a culture or system of behaviour that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means," and 'The Selfish Gene'.
What is Bertrand Russell's criticism of the Theory of the Forms?Taken to extremes, the theory falls into a "bottomless pit of nonsense."
What is a question raised by the theory of the Forms, who might answer this, and what would he say?'Are their ideal Forms of things like disease and disability?', St. Augustine, and 'evil' is just a privation of 'good'.
What might be difficult with knowledge of the Forms?They are so far removed from our experience it might be difficult to put them into practice.
Who says belief in The World of Forms is merely a way of coping with life's uncertainty?Karl Popper.
What analogy does Aristotle make with his assertion that something does not have to be eternal to be pure?A white flower does not become whiter by virtue of being eternal.
What is a standard criticism of the theory of the World of the Forms?It can't be proven.
Which French rationalist, or philosopher who favours reason over experience, in a way agrees with Plato, and what does he believe?René Descartes, and that we have concepts existing in our mind that help us to construct reality.
Which rationalist, or philosopher who favours reason over experience, has an equivalent of the World of the Forms, what is it called, and what is its prime difference?Immanuel Kant, the noumenal world and we can never access it.
What has Dawkins said that could be considered in line with Plato's thinking, and what has he said that is less so?Quantum physics says we should not be certain our experience of the physical world is accurate, and the empirical world has evidence of existence.
Who came up with the 'The Third Man' challenge, and what is it?Aristotle, and: accepting that men are based off the Form of the Man, the Form of Man also having to be a man would mean it would have to be based off a ‘Third Man’ and so on to ad infinitum.


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In which book does Plato outline his theory of the Demiurge?'Timaeus'.
What does the 'Demiurge' mean in Greek?'Public worker'.
To Plato, why must the world have had a beginning?It is accessible by the senses, and so has not always existed, unlike something known by intelligence.
What did Plato have to say on the quality of the appearance of the world and what reason did he give for this?It is supremely beautiful, and it is based on a Form.
What did Plato accurately predict, and why did he say it?The Earth was spherical, and because it was based off a Form and a sphere is the perfect shape.
What did Plato say had a soul which would be unusual to say today?The world.
What is a weakness of Plato's 'demiurge' theory?He has to see 'creation' in its earthly concept, and does not consider the possibility the world could have a cause that was random,
Why could the Christian God's act of creation be viewed as more impressive than the Demiurge's?He did it 'ex nihilo'.
Why could the Demiurge's act of creation be viewed as more impressive than the Christian God's?Out of disorder he brought order, which is more in keeping with the earthly concept of 'hard work'.
In the Christian version of the Creation story, Creation is more ...?Purposeful.
How could the Christian God be said to be better than the Demiurge generally?He is the Highest, whereas the Demiurge is inferior to the Forms.

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