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Oceanic Continental (D)Nazca & SA (Ocean Trenches - Peru/Chile)
Oceanic Oceanic (D)Pacific & NA (Island Arcs - Aleutian Islands)
Continental Continental (D)Eurasian & Indian (Fold Mountains - Himalayas)
Oceanic Oceanic (C)Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Eurasian=E NA=W)
Continental Continental (C)EARV
Conservative (C/C)San-Andreas (NA=SE Pacific=NW)

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PlatesAfrican subducted by eurasian
Facts25% of sicily pop live on slopes
EffectsLava flow (1200ft by 20ft), pyroclastic flow, Piano Provenzana engulfed in lava
ManagementEtnas observatory constantly monitors seismic and gas sensors, Civil Protection Authority= evacuations, cable cars removed, 40 bulldozers bulilt dykes- divert lava, lava flows cooled with water
EvaluationNo casulaties, good organisation, technology and expertise

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PlatesPhillippines subducted by Eurasian
SignalsLots of small earthquakes, steam, sulfur dioxide gas
EffectsPyroclastic flow(dropped global temp by 0.5 for 2 yrs), 800 dead,Tribal Aeta evacuated from slopes - dies from disease in camps, lahars caused serious damage,650,000 jobs lost
Management250,000 people evacuated from 30km radius, camps set up(however natives died), US Geological Service monitored
EvaluationDespite LEDC, good management, good evacuations and monitoring

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PlatesEARV near Goma/ lake Kivu
Hazardslava flow (50m/2m),toxic sulfur, fastest flowing lava (100km/h), water contamination plant destroyed, fires from lava burnt wooden homes
Effects147 people died from CO2 suffocation, 80% Goma destroyed, 300,00 people feld to Rwanda - worse conditions, lake Kivu contaminated, 45 deaths, airport damaged= aid difficult
ManagementGov did nothing, international aid slow so many dies from no water, volcano observatory unmanned, no warnings=chaos