Plate 416, Pectoral Clavipectoral and Axillary FasciaseLouisa

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AThoracoacromial artery
BCoracoid process
CCephalic vein
DDeltoid muscle
EPectoralis major muscle (cut)
FShort head of biceps brachii muscle
GLong head of biceps brachii muscle
HBrachial fascia (cut edge) over coracobrachialis and biceps brachii muscles
ITrapezius muscle
JOmohyoid muscle invested by fascia of infrahyoid muscles
LFascia investing subclavius muscle*
MCostocoracoid ligament*
NCostoclavicular ligament
OCostocoracoid membrane*
PFascia investing pectoralis minor muscle*
QSuspensory ligament of axilla*
RPectoralis major muscle and pectoral fascia (superficial and deep layers)
SLatissimus dorsi fascia
TSerratus anterior fascia
UAxillary fascia (anterior part)
VTrapezius muscle
WLateral cord of brachial plexus
XPosterior cord of brachial plexus
YMedial cord of brachial plexus
ZSupraspinatus muscle
AASpine of scapula
ABBody of scapula
ACInfraspinatus muscle
ADSubscapularis muscle
AETeres minor muscle
AFTeres major muscle
AGLatissimus dorsi muscle
AHCentral axillary lymph node
AIPectoral (anterior) axillary lymph node
AJOmohyoid muscle
ALSubclavius muscle and fascia*
AMCostocoracoid ligament*
ANThoracoacromial artery and cephalic vein
AOCostocoracoid membrane*
APLateral pectoral nerve
AQAxillary artery and vein
ARPectoralis major muscle and fascia
ASPectoralis minor muscle and fascia*
ATMedial pectoral nerve
AUSuspensatory ligament of axilla
AVAxillary fascia (fenestrated)