Plastic Surgery Word Associations

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Question Answer
Hemosiderin depositsGiant cell tumor
Rice BodiesMycobacterium
Lower Lid ColobomaTreacher Collins Syndrome
Epibulbar dermoidGoldenhar syndrome
Lip PitsInterferon Regulatory Factor 6(IRF6) mutation (van der Woude syndrome)
Minimum Compartment Pressure for Compartment Syndrome25mmHg
Vascularized bone needed for defect longer than6cm
Longest nerve graft with good possible outcome12cm
Poor saggital closure VPISphincter Palatoplasty
Poor coronal closure VPIPosterior Pharyngeal Flap
Lymphedema starting at pubertyLymphedema praecox
Lymphedema starting at birthMilroy disease
Lymphedema starting at middle ageLymphedema tarda
MafenideMetabolic acidosis
Silver NitrateHyponatremia
Silver SulfadiazineLeukopenia
Curreri Formula25kcal/kg/day + 40kcal/TBSA/day
Stress Hair LossTelogen Effluvium
Pre-laminated vs Pre-fabricatedPre-laminated means adding cartilage or shaping a flap prior to transfer, Pre-fabricated means adding an axial blood supply to an area prior to transfer
Glaberous skin has more of what and lacks what?More pacinian and meissner corpuscles and no pilosebacous glands
Absence of the greater wing of the sphenoidNeurofibromatosis

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