Plants specialized tissue and systems

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plants perform specific tasks such as energy production gas exchange, transportation and reproduction
meristemic cellsare stem cells of the plant
dermal tissueForms the outer part of the plant (leaves, stem, roots)
vascular tissueResponsible for the structures the move water and nutrients.
xylemtransports water and minerals from the roots up.
phloem transports the sugar produced from photosynthesis through the plant.
ground tissueresponsible for photosynthesis storage and support

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root systemsgrowth beneath ground, responsible for absorbing water and minerals from soil, storage or roots
shoot systemsresponsible for photosynthesis. produces flowers for sexual reproduction includes STEM LEAVES AND FLOWERS
leaf is responsible for photosynthesis
flower hasreproductive cells and organs for sexual reproduction
stemsupports plant and allows transportation of minerals

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what is photosynthesis?carbon dioxide + water + sunlight -> chlorophyll +glucose + oxygen gas
different cells work together to carry out photosynthesis
cuticleprotects leaf from EXCESS WATER LOSS AND SUNLIGHT
epidermistransparent and colorless cells which allow light to pass
spongy + palisade mesophyllcells which contain lots of chloroplasts
guard cells specialized epidermal cells that control opening and closing of the stomata
stomataopening that allows carbon dioxide gas to move in and oxygen gas out
vascular bundlesVEINS of the plant that r used to transport materials (xylem phloem)

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