Plant and Animal Cells

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Question Answer
Cell MembraneControls what comes into and out of a cell | Found in Plant and Animal Cells
Cytoplasmincludes everything found inside of the cell membrane except for the nucleus
Mitochondriaproduces most of the cells energy
Lysosomescontains chemicals that break down food particles and worn-out parts
Vacuolesfound in some animal cells stores water food and watses
Golgi Bodiesrecieves materials from ER packeges them and sends them to other parts of the cell
Endoplasmic Recticulum (ER)Contains passageways that carries materials from one part of the cell to another
Ribosomesprotien factories of the cell
NucleusControls activites of the cell and contains the hereditary material
cytoskeletongives the cell it's shape and structure