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Toxic Dose of Vicryl?studies that show what this is are not found via the internet - why?
Where does the “C” in CRP come from?a substance in the serum of patients with acute inflammation that reacted with the C polysaccharide of pneumococcus
What does “ACE” in ACE wrap stand for?All Cotton Elastic
Where did Warfarin come from?1948: Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation; initially a rat pesticide from the woodruff plant
Who described the >25% rule for Posterior Malleolar fractures?McDaniel
Name three brand names for viscosupplementation (hyaluronic acid)Synvisc, Euflexxa, Supartz
What are the only two drugs FDA approved for painful diabetic neuropathy?Cymbalta (Duloxetine), Lyrica (Pregabalin)
Name 4 drugs that can be used with PMMA beads?Vancomycin, Gentamycin, Tobramycin, Cefazolin
What are the two layers of periosteum?Outer Fibrous Layer, Inner Cambium Osteogenic layer connected to outer cortex via Sharpey’s fibers
What is the name of the venous plexus deep to the EHB & EDB muscle belly?Ruch's plexus
The incidences of the peroneustertius (PT), plantaris (PL), peroneusquartus (PQ)?PT 93%, PL 90%, PQ 7%
What is the danger of rapid correction of hyponatremia?Central Pontine Myelinolysis; a demyelinating syndrome
What is the BS of a diabetic with an HBA1c of 8%?170mg/dl. Coversion: A1c of 6%=110mg/dl, then 30mg/dl for each percent
Which Abx is ineffective for pulmonary infections? Hint: MRSA drugDaptomycin (Cubicin, inactivated by lung surfactant)
What is critical lab to order for a patient on Linezolid (Zyvox)?CBC, risk of thrombocytopenia
Who first described the Triple Arthrodesis?Ryerson 1928
What is bone wax made of?bees wax and paraffin
Why doesn’t Apligraf come pre-fenestrated?Because it is living tissue and will heal prior to application
What is the purpose of a Ten-ten drape?To keep any betadine or blood from going under the tourniquet and causing blisters or skin necrosis
How can you tell antibiotic is in the pulse lavage?It bubbles or foams!
What other fracture are concerned about with a calcaneal fracture?L1: incidence is 10%
What bug do quinolones do not cover?Enterococcus

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How much STJ motion do you lose with a TN joint fusion?91% per Astion
What drug can be used for anticoagulation in a H.I.T. patient?Argatroban
What concerns does a surgeon have with a prone patient?Retinal detachment and peri-orbital edema
Who was the first person to describe Charcot?Musgrave 1703; venereal disease
Who was the first person to describe Charcot in diabetics?Jordan 1936
How does a wound V.A.C. work?A wound vac creates a negative pressure environment, which stimulates mitosis and angiogenesis of granulation tissue
Knee arthritis is most commonly going to occur in medial or lateral?Medial: 60% of weight bearing
What is the resident nerve?Extensor Capsularis
What is the freshman nerve?Plantaris
What is in a subchondral cyst?Synovial fluid
What is the strongest suture?Stainless steel
Why don’t you use Vicryl in a deep wound?Braided: capillarity
What is the tidemark zone?The distinction between the vascular and avascular zones of cartilage
Why do you not use a tourniquet for a gastrocnemius recession?Rhabdomyalysis complications
With a fresh frozen graft, which organism will not be killed?Clostridium (spores)
What two drugs can leave a metallic taste in your mouthLamisil and Metronidazole
What structure should one visualize with complete lateral STJ resection?FHL
How far away from the lateral calcaneal wall should an arthroresis be?1 cm
What is the constant fragment in a calc fracture?sustentaculum tali, is held in place by the deltoid ligaments
When is a bone anchor indicated for reattachment of the Achilles tendon?>50% insertion resection
What is the tension side of a metatarsal upon weightbearing?plantar
What are absolute contraindications to tourniquet use?Recent revascularization, tumor/mets, Sickle cell disease, Beta-thalassemia
How long do you have to wait for elective foot surgery post-CABG?6 months
How long does it take a fistula to mature for dialysis?3 months
How small are the cuts in a thin cut spiral CTA?2mm
How do you reverse Lovenox?Recombinant Factor VII