Pi Kappa Phi

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Question Answer
Current Chief Executive officer of PKPMark E. Timmes, Alpha Epsilon (Florida)
National PresidentTracy D Maddux, Zeta Theta (Texas - Austin)
National VPThomas B. Sullivan, Delta Omega (Texas A&M)
National TesasurerJeremy D Galvin, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
National SecrateryMark Adamson, Sigma (University of South Carolina)
National HistorianEric J. Almquist, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
National ChaplainWilliam T. Sigmon, Alpha Sigma (Tennessee)
National ChancellorJames M. Smith, Alpha Eta (Samford)
Example of the national counsels role in the fraternityGovern the Fraternity between Supreme Chapter Meetings
Name the student Representatice to the national councelTyler Williams, Alpha (Charleston)

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Flat Hat ClubCollege of William and Mary or Raleigh Tavern / Precerser to the modern fraternity
first modern day fraternityPhi Beta Kappa / 1776 / John Heath / philosophy, a guide of life
first womens fratKappa Alpha Theta
Greek AlphabetAlpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega

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Greek Letter of the group that evolved into PKPNu Phi / Non Frat / Generate an opposing slate of officers for the Chresthomathic Literary Society Elections
When and where was PKP FoundedDec 10 1904 / 90 broad street
1/7 Members at first MeetingAndrew Alexander Kroeg Jr.
2/7 Members at first meetingSimon Fogarty Jr.
3/7 Members at first meetingL. Harry Mixson
4/7 Members at first meedingTheodore Barnwell Kelly
5/7 Members at first meetingA. Pelzer Wagener
6/7 Members at first meetingThomas F. Mosimann
7/7 Members at first meetingJames Fogarty

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Honorary fourth mounderDurward W. Owen, Xi (Roanoke)
meaning of greek mottoMothing Shall Ever Tear Us Asunder
Latin mottoNil Separabit
Meaning of latin mottonothing shall separate us

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First Stanza of CreedI believe that the ideal chapter is made up of men
Second stanza Who are bound together in a common loyalty which transcends any personal selfishness
Third Stanzawho realice that membership means personal responsibility in bearing thei share of the financial burden of the chapter and the national organization
fourth stanzawho bring credit to the fraternity by striving to attain the highest possible standards of scholarship
fifth stanzawho safeguard the reputation of their chapter by keping careful watch over their personal conduct
sixth stanza who uphold faithfully the traditions and activities of their college
seventh stanzawho prepare themselves diligently to shoulder their full responsibility as citizens
eighth stanzai believe my chapter can become an ideal chapter and i shall do my share to make it so.

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1/7 public valuesCommon Loyalty
2/7 Public valuespersonal responsibility
3/7 Public ValuesAchievement
4/7 Public ValuesAccountability
5/7 Public ValuesCampus Involveement
6/7 Public ValuesLifelong Commitment

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Kelley A. Bergstrom Leadership Center is locatedCharlotte / North Carolina
Fraternity entitiesFoundation / Properties / Ability Experience
Mr PKP AwardLeo Pou, Omicron (Alabama)
Waht is the supreme chapterLegislative Meeting
When is the Supreme Chapter HeldEvery two years
two Pi Kapp college programsPK College for Emerging leaders / PK college for chapter officers
PK for Emerging leadersEvery summer, six day transformational leadership development experience inte to empower participants to creat the idea chapter
PK college for chapter officersConference every January to provide newly elected or reelected officers and chairmen with the training and resources to effectively fulfill their responisibilities
Chapter advisorGill Villarreal
PKP TaglineExceptional leaders. uncomoon opeortunities
Faculty AdvisorJessica Heskin
PKP MisisonTo create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities
PKP VisionA future where every pi kappa phi embraces his role as a leader, puts service befor self, and improves the world around him

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Five areas related to the Risk Management PolicyHazing / Alcohol and drugs / Fire, health safety / Education / sexual abuse and harrasment
1/5 things to have a safe partyFollow the law
2/5 things to have a safe partyBYOB
3/5 things to have a safe partyNo illegal drugs
4/5 things to have a safe partyno Drinking Games
5/5 things to have a safe partyNo bulk quantaties
Artist and architect of the ability experience Thomas Sayre, Kappa (UNC-Chapel Hill)
Three Areas of focus that compromise a balances Abilities exp programFundraising, Awarness, Volunteerism
core values of the abilities experienceAbilities, Teamwork, Empathy, Integrity
AbilitiesSee the person befor seeing their disability
Teamworktogether everyone achieves more
Empathyseek to understand a persons strengthes and challenges, but do not feel sorry for them
Integrityall events should align with the values of Pi Kappa Phi

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Five national events of the ability experienceAbility Weekend / Ability camp / JOH / GUF / BAm
Ability weekendheld across the country during fall and spring semesters, come tegether for a weekend to creat accessible environments at camps for people with disabilities
Ability CampAlternative spring break; renovate campus and builds accessible environments that enhance the summer camp experience for people with disabilities
JOHcross country bike ride starting at seatle - transameracan, SF - north, LA - south. ending in DC raises 600,000 annualy 5500 for cyclests and 2500 for crew 100 participents
GUFtwo week ccling event from miamy to tallahassee; rase more then 100,000 annually, 2500 for cyclests 1000 for crew 35 participents
BAmcross country construction project for 6 weeks, one week at each location 20 particapents 4000 to participate

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Question Answer
EN ArchonJacob Brausch
EN Vice ArchonZach Corbo
EN TreasurerMatt Clutterbuck
EN Secretary Adem Beck
EN WardenBrian Souza
EN Historian Brandon Hunter
EN ChaplainCarson Coats
EN Philanthropy ChairmanMandeep Singh
EN Risk Management Chairman Sean Cardoza
Ultimate Respect Put the well being of the fraternity or an individual ahead of the friendship and realize that the unpleasantness of short term conflict is better than the long term ramifications of inaction
example of Ultimate respect

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Question Answer
Author of the Rose Of PKPRobert J. Harper, Kappa (UNC- Chapel Hill)
EN Founding ArchonTroyan Petrunoff
EN Founding Vice ArchonJace D. Bueno
EN FoundingTreasurerDaniel Ragland
EN Founding WardenGregory Stephen Parella
EN Founding HistorianJacob E. Brousch
EN Founding Abilities ChairCullen Herrington
EN Founding Risk Managment chairErik Hallberg

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PKP PropertiesArm of the fraternity that helps chapters acquite houses
Ability experiencethe cherity arm f the fraternity that helps raise awarness for people with disabilities
PKP Foundationthe arm of the fraternity that raises money for schollarships

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Nighboring ChaptersUC Berkeley (Gamma), CSUS (EN) UC Davis (Zeta Sigma) SJ State (Iota Sigma), SFU (Eta Omicron) UN Reno (Theta Omicron) University of san fransisco (Eta Theta)
UC BerkeleyGamma
CSUSEpsilon Nu
UC DavisZeta Sigma
SJ StateIota Sigma
SF State UniversityEta Omicron
UN RenoTheta Omicron
University of San FransiscoEta Theta

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Question Answer
Year PKP returned to sac2012
Date of RecharterNovember 16th, 2013
All Active foundersCullen Herrington, Brian Souza, Carson Coats, Brandon Hunter, Joe Xavier, Ricky Sanchez, Kevon Brandon, Cutter Chaboya, Jacob Brousch
Active Founder CHCullen Herrington
Active Founder BSBrian Souza
Active Founder CaCoCarson Coats
Active Founder BHBrandon Hunter
Active Founder JXJoe Xavier
Active Founder RSRicky Sanchez
Active Founder KBKevon Brandon
Active Founder CuChCutter Chaboya
Active Founder JBJacob Brausch

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Question Answer
new name of the award winning magazine and yearThe Star and Lamp, 1911
original name of the star and lamp and the yearthe Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity journal, 1909
FOKROMIXThe exclusicce publication of the national president which is only sent to select chapters
OYDEN DIASPASEI HMAS Pronunciationoo-den'de-a-spa-sa ha-mas
2 founders that wrote the ritual of initiationA. Pelzer Wagner and Lawrence Harry Mixson