Pi Kappa Phi Initiation

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Genesis of Greek life

Question Answer
Where was the "Flat Hat Club" formed? What was its significance?College of William & Mary, precursor to the modern Greek society
What was the first "modern-day fraternity"Phi Beta Kappa
When was Phi Beta Kappa formed?1776
Who was Phi Beta Kappa's founder?John Heath
What was Phi Beta Kappa's secret meaning?Philosophy, the Guide of Life
Members of "Miami Triad"Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi
First recognized women's Greek-letter fraternityKappa Alpha Theta
Where and when was Kappa Alpha Theta formed?1870 at DePauw University

Pi Kappa Phi

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What was the Greek-letter name of the group that later evolved into Pi Kappa Phi?Nu Phi
What did the letters for Nu Phi stand for?Non-Fraternity
For what purpose did Nu Phi form?Generate an opposing slate of officers for the Chrestomathic Literary Society elections
Where was Pi Kappa Phi founded?College of Charleston, Charleston, SC 90 Broad Street
When was Pi Kappa Phi founded?December 10, 1904
7 men at first meetingAndrew Alexander Kroeg Jr., Simon Fogarty Jr., L. Harry Mixson, Theodore Barnwell Kelly, A. Pelzer Wagener, Thomas F. Mosimann, James Fogarty
Three Main FoundersAndrew Alexander Kroeg Jr., Simon Fogarty Jr., Lawerence Harry Mixson
"Honorary Fourth Founder" of Pi Kappa PhiDurward W. Owen
Additional FoundersAnthony Pelzer Wagener, Thomas F. Mosimann, Theodore Barnwell Kelly, James Fogarty
First member initiated under ritualHenry Patrick Wagener
Who authored first ritual in 1906?Lawrence Harry Mixson and Anthony Pelzer Wagener
Pi Kappa Phi motto translation: ΟΥΔΕΝ ΔΙΑΣΠΑΣΕ ΙΗΜΑΣNothing Shall Ever Tear Us Asunder
Original Latin motto of Pi Kappa and its English translationNil Separabit - Nothing Shall Seperate Us
7 public values of Pi Kappa PhiCommon Loyalty, Personal Responsibility,Achievement, Accountability, Campus Involvement, Responsible Citizenship, Lifelong Commitment
Three DecisionsCommitment, Ritual, Lifelong member

Pi Kappa Phi

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Beta ChapterPresbyterian College, SC
Gamma ChapterUC Berkeley, CA Made Pi Kappa Phi a national fraternity
What is The Star & Lamp?Pi Kappa Phi's award winning magazine
Where is the National Headquarters?Charlotte, NC
First Mr. Pi Kappa PhiLeo Pou University of Alabama, Omicron Chapter
When is Founders Day?December 10th
Pi kappa Phi EntitiesPi Kappa Phi, The Ability Experience, Pi Kappa Phi Foundation, and Pi Kappa Phi properties
Mission of Pi Kappa PhiTo create an uncommon and lifelong brotherhood that develops leaders and encourages service to others for the betterment of our communities.
Vision of Pi KappaA future where every Pi Kappa Phi embraces his role as a leader, puts service before self, and improves the world around him.
TaglineExceptional leaders. Uncommon opportunities.
Current CEOMark E. Timmes University of Florida, Alpha Epsilon Chapter
First supreme chapter meetingDecember 29, 1906 in Charleston
When is supreme chapter?Every other year
Supreme laws are recorded in...The Gold Book

The Ability Experience

Question Answer
When was The Ability Experience founded?1977
Mission of The Ability ExperienceWe use shared experiences to support people with disabilities and develop men of Pi Kappa Phi into servant leaders.
Vision of The Ability ExperienceCreate a community, one relationship at a time, where the abilities of all people are recognized and valued.
Journey of hopeSummer-long, cross-country cycling event.
Gear Up FloridaState wide cycling event across Florida.
Build AmericaSummer construction projects; often for summer camps.


Question Answer
Song of Pi Kappa PhiThe Rose of Pi Kappa Phi
FlowerRed Rose
ColorsGold and white, royal blue is an auxiliary
The Great SealSays name and year established, with the coat of arms in the center
The Coat of ArmsThe shield, the crest, and the motto. The shield is blue with a gold chevron; 3 five-pointed gold stars and below them two crossed swords pointing up.
The associate member pinGold edged diamond shaped shield of white, gold across the center
The Star ShieldAdopted by 16th Supreme Chapter in 1931, Public symbol and official logo
The flag of Pi Kappa Phi3 strips, five-pointed gold star, lamp of gold
The four gifts + anniversaryGateway (25th), Clock (50th), Roses (75th), Belltower (100)

National Council

Question Answer
National PresidentTracy D. Maddux, Zeta Theta (Texas-Austin)
National Vice PresidentThomas B. Sullivan, Delta Omega (Texas A&M)
National TreasurerJeremy D. Galvin, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
National SecretaryTimothy S. Hebson, Alpha Eta (Samford)
National HistorianEric J. Almquist, Alpha Omicron (Iowa State)
National ChaplainWilliam T. Sigmon, Alpha Sigma (Tennessee)
National ChancellorJames M. Smith, Alpha Eta (Samford)

Epsilon Nu Founders

Question Answer
Founding Archon (Epsilon Nu)Troyan Petrunoff
Founding Vice Archon (Epsilon Nu)Jace D. Bueno
Founding Treasurer (Epsilon Nu)Danial Ragland
Founding Secretary (Epsilon Nu)Joseph D. Decker
Founding Warden (Epsilon Nu)Gregory Stephen Parella
Founding Historian (Epsilon Nu)Jacob E. Brausch
Founding Chaplain (Epsilon Nu)Steven Rodriguez
Founding Abilities Chairman (Epsilon Nu)Cullen Herrington
Founding Risk Management Coordinator (Epsilon Nu)Erik Hallberg
When did Epsilon Nu chapter come back to CSUS?2012
What date did Epsilon Nu re-charter?November 16, 2013

Current Epsilon Nu

Question Answer
Current Archon (Epsilon Nu)Jacob E. Brausch
Current Vice Archon (Epsilon Nu)Zachary Corbo
Current Treasurer (Epsilon Nu)Mathew Clutterbuck
Current Secretary (Epsilon Nu)Adam Beck
Current Warden (Epsilon Nu)Brian Joseph Souza
Current Historian (Epsilon Nu)Brandon Hunter
Current Chaplain (Epsilon Nu)Carson Coats
Current Ability Chairman (Epsilon Nu)Patrick Dorsey
Current Risk Management Coordinator (Epsilon Nu)Sean Cordoza
Current Leadership Consultant (Epsilon Nu)Keenan France
Current IFC Adviser (Epsilon Nu)Megan Garrison
Current Chapter Adviser (Epsilon Nu)Gil Villareal
Current Advocate/Health Educator (Epsilon Nu)Jessica Heskin