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During urine formation, the process of _______ leaves behind mostly salt water and wastes after moving most of the filtrate back into the blood.tubular secretion
function of kidneys regulate the body’s acid-base balance b. regulate the body’s electrolyte balance c. regulate plasma volume
The glomerular filtration rate in humans is such that in 24 hoursapproximately 180 liters of filtrate is produced.
The __________ is a capillary knot that filters fluid from the blood into the renal tubule.glomerulus
are responsible for driving protein-free fluid out of the glomerular capil- laries and into Bowman’s capsule.Starling forces
renal processing of plasma does not normally includesecretion
how does ad affect the renal processing of plasma glucoseadh has no direct effect on renal processing of plasma glucose
glucose reabsorption in the nephron secondary active transport along the apical membrane of proximal tubule cells and facilitated figgusion along the basolateral membrane
carrier proteins are required to move glucose from the ------ of the nephron into the ----------lumen, interstital spaces (peritubuler fluid)
what will happen to the glucose concentration in the urinary bladder as glucose carriers are added to the proximal tubule glucose concentration will decrease
why is glucose concentration the same in both bowman capsule and the urinary bladder?glucose cannot be reabsorbed in the absence of carriers
glucose carrier proteins are located in which region of the nephronproximal convoluted tubule
if the concentration of glucose in the filtrate exceeds the transport capacity of the carrier proteins?transport maximum has been reached
why does glucose appear in the urine of untreated diabetic patientsexcessive amount of glucose is present in their filtrate
approximate number of nephrons in a healthy human kidney1 million
anatomical structures in the correct order as they are encountered by the blood and filtered during the process of filtrationafferent arteriole, glomerular capillary, bowmans capsule
bowmans capsule is connected to the beginning of the?proximal convoluted tubule
functional unity of the kidney is?nephron
during the process of renal reabsorption, fluid and solutes move from? renal tubule into the peritubular capillaries
if you increase the afferent arteriole radius and keep all other variables constant, gfr will?increase
if you decrease the efferent arteriole radius and keep all other variables constant, volume of urine flowing into the urinary bladder will increase
if you increase the efferent arteriole radius and keep all other variables constant, gfr willdecrease
if you decrease afferent arteriole radius and keep all other vars constant, volume of urine flowing into the urinary bladder willdecrease
force that promotes filtrationblood pressure in the glomerular capillaries
as filtrate passes through the nephron, the renal process of reabsorption describesthe movement of water and solutes from the tubule lumen, into the interstitial space, finally into the peritubular capillaries ]