Physiology summer T1

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Respiration Abebe

Question Answer
What two phases comprise the Respiratory Cycle?Inspiration & Expiration (Inhalation & Exhalation aka breathing in and out)
What is the site of gas exchange with the blood?Alveoli in the Lungs
What is the "Conducting zone"?Top of Trachea to the bottom of Bronchioles, NO GAS EXCHANGE occurs in Conducting zone
What is the "Respiratory zone"?Level of Bronchioles and Downward (on the branching of lungs) GAS EXCHANGE occurs in this "zone"
What 2 features of epithelial cells in the Conducting Zone help clear the air tract?Cilia & Mucus Glands
How does Pulmonary circulation relate to systemic circulation, in terms of RESISTANCE and PRESSURE?LOW resistance and pressure
What are Type 2 Alveolar cells known for?Producing SURFACTANT
Lining around the lungs is called what?PLEURAL SAC (Visceral pleura lining lungs directly & Parietal being the outer layer of the sac)
Changes in hydrostatic pressure of fluid cause the lungs and thoracic wall to move in and out during breathing. This specific pressure is called...?INTRA-PLEURAL pressure
Exchange of air gases between atmosphere and alveoliVENTILATION
Exchange of O2 and CO2 between alveolar air and blood in lung capillaries is done by _____DIFFUSION
Internal Respiration refers to what?Uptake of Oxygen of cells and production (and release) of CO2
External Respiration refers to what?Gas Exchange across capillaries at Alveoli by means of Diffusion
The extent to which lungs expand for each unit ↑ in transpulmonary pressureCOMPLIANCE