Physiology Labs Week 3 cont.

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What is Densitometry?ratio of body mass, to body volume. gold standard of body composition measurements. Body volume is measured by air displacement or water displacement
How does Bioelectrical Impedence Analysis work?electrical current passed through the body, fatfree mass is more hydrated than fat and bone mass so flow is quicked in leaner individuals
What is DEXA?xrays, scan body, computer used to create image from xrays. Radiation minimal, same as eating two bananas
Strengths of BMImeasurements on a population level, no expense, can be done pretty much anywhere
Limitations of BMIdoes not discriminate between fat and fat free body mass
Strengths of Waist CircumferenceMore accurate measure of central body fat, looks at metabloic health eg fat around the organs more than BMI
Limitations of Waist CircumferenceValues must be altered for different ethnicities,

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