Physiology Labs Week 3 cont. 2

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Question Answer
Strengths of Skinfold testingportable, cheap, minimal equipment, simple to set up and conduct
Weaknesses of Skinfold testingSpecialist equipment required, assistant required to administer tests. Human Error, varies among males and females
Strengths of Bioimpedance analysissimple and quick to perform, can be performed at home with the right equipment
Limitations of Bioimpedance analysisrelatively expensive equipment, depends on hydration status, body temp, time of day. If dehydrated, fat will be overestimated. higher standard error
Strengths of Hydrostatic weighingWas originally the best and most widely used test for body density. criterion for other indirect measures, consistent in repeat measures if performed correctly
Weknessed of Hydrostatic weighingexpensive, location of equipment, not easy access for general population. may underestimate body fat percentage due to bone density and muscle density. may overeatimate body fat percentage in elderly patients with osteoporosis. Dependant on water temperature. indepth knowledge required, anxiety as being submerged
Strengths of Plethysmographynot difficult to operate, time is short, well suited for special populations eg children, obese, elderly
Weaknesses of Plethysmographyvery expensive, very few facilities have the equipment, not easily accessible. Hydration status and body temp may affect results
Strengths of DEXA (dual energy xray absorptiometry)low radiation, quick, no special preparation for subject, accuracy, valid. can identify whole body ratios and regional body estimates of tissue
Weaknesses of DEXACostly, not widely available to the public,
Strengths of MRIno radiation, accuracy, noninvasive, high quality,
Weaknesses of MRIhigh cost, high analysis cost, time take = 30 mins.

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