Physiology Labs Week 2

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What is VO2 max? Why is it important?Maximal oxygen uptake, measure of cardiorespiratory fitness, low VO2 max is indicative of increased risk of CVD and premature mortality
What is the Bruce Treadmill Protocol?Treadmill test with increasing speed and gradient every 3 minutes. Performed until exhaustion, non-invasive. Duration time used to measure cardiorespiratory fitness. ECG, BP and ratings of perceived exertion are often performed to test for termination signs.
What is the Astrand-Rhyming Cycle Ergometer test?Participant cycles for 6 minutes at 50rpm with a set wattage according to fitness. HR is taken in 5th and 6th minute, averaged, and used to work out VO2 max with an age adjustion.
What is the Chester step test?Participants step up and down in time with a metronome that increases in rhythm at each stage. Step height determined by age and fitness. Test continues until 80% of MHR is reached. Plotted on graph, line of best fit drawn to MHR and data read.
How can you estimate VO2 max using non-exercise methods?BMI, Sex, Perceived functional ability questionnaire, habitual physical activity questionnaire.

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