Physiology Labs 4

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What factors determine daily energy expenditure?resting metabolic rate, thermogenic effect of feeding, energy expended during physical activity and recovery
What is the definition of RMR?energy expenditure at rest, 3-4 hours after a light meal without prior exercise.
Why is RMR higher than BMR?BMR is measured at rest in post-absorptive state, without food consumption for the previous 12 hours. BMR is minimum energy required to sustain vital functions.
Why could the measurement of RMR be important?establishing baseline values which may be important in the development of weight loss strategies through diet and exercise
How did we measure RMR?Participant quiet for 10 minutes sitting, then collect expired air into douglas bag, for five minutes. Air sample analysed to assess the percentages of oxygen and CO2. use table to convert values into kcal
What is Mifflin et al (1990)'s equation for estimating RMR?different for males and females. using mass (kg), stature (cm), and age (decimal years)
Who developed a compendium for physical activities indentifying metabolic equivalent codes (METs) for 821 specific activities?Arizona State University
What is a MET?1 met is equivalent to the energy expenditure of the body at rest. quantified as 1kcal per kg of body mass, per hour. individual of 70kg would expend 70kcal/hour at rest.
What would a 70kg individual expend if partaking in physical activity rate of 3 mets for 1 hour?210kcal
How do you work out the net energy expenditure for an activity using the compendium?Subtract resting energy expenditure eg 1kcal/kg/hour for that individual from total gross energy expenditure
How many kcals are expended for each litre of oxygen consumed?approx. 5kcal/litre
How do you work out energy consumption depending on aerobic fitness?Calculate VO2 max, convert to L.min (from ml/kg/min) and multiply by 5 to work out VO2 max energy expenditure for yourself

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