PHYSIOLOGY - Homeostasis

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Physiologynormal functioning of an organism's components, chemical and physical process
What is considered the internal environment?ECF
Law of mass balancebody substance remain constant, any gain must be offset by an equal loss ex. peeing
Body compartments are in what state?dynamic steady state / disequilibrium
What are the two control systems of the body that regulate homeostasislocal and reflex
Local controlRestricted to tissues/cells involved
How is O2 lacking controlled with local systemActive cells notice issue (Reduced O2), sends local signals, problem is resolved (O2 restored)
Reflex controlAny long pathway using nervour &or endocrine system.
What are the loops in reflex controlResponse loop - Feedback loop
Response loopGoing from stimulus and causing a response
Feedback loop in cycle (7)stimulus, sensor, input signal, integrated center, output signal, target, response
Feedback loop in reflex control (2)modulates response loop; feeds back to influence input
Negative feedback loopbrings you closer to the target set point
Positive feedback loop (3)aims near target set point; not homeostatic; requires intervention to cease response
Feedforward controlphysiological changes before event occurrences ex. salivary response
SetpointsRange of any given variable before change effected genetics or climatization
Biorythmsvariables change predictabily; repeats cycles (ex. body temperature, circadian rhythm); anticipatory response (fertile in other animals)
4 cell typesEpithellial, Connective, Neuron, Muscle
Who coined homeostasisWalter Cannon
What are the basic control system of reflex and localInput signal, integrating center, output signal, response

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