Physiology - Final - Part 3

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Identify valve disease on graph
Cardioglycosides actions
Jugular Venous Pulse - a wave, c wave, v wave, x and y descent
Tricuspid insuff - c wave and x descent absent
A-fib - a wave and x descent absent
Pressure and Flow Rate equations
Lung Volumes
Constrictive and Restrictive Lung Diseases in regards to TLC, RV, FVC, FEV1, FVC and FEV1 / FVC ratio
Functions is GI hormones
Z & E Sydrome
Factors increasing proton pump activity
Celiac Disease
Clearance equation
Filtration Fraction
Renal Plasma Flow
Anion Gap acidosis
DI graph -> adrenal insuf, hemorrhage, diabetes inspidis
Calculating body fluid volume in each compartment
Mechanism of action - nistygmine, furosemide, sperolactone
Differentiation of Diabetes melletis and inspidis
Diseases of hormones
Primary Hypogonardoism
Hormone Regulation