PHYSIOLOGY - Compartmentation; cells and tissue

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What 2 parts?Anatomical & Functional
Cranial cavityPosterior and Anterior
Thoracic CavityPleural sac and Pericardial sac
Parts of ECFBlood Plasma and Interstital fluid
Components of cell membrane• Lipids • Proteins • Carbohydrates
How are membranes made?Bilayar made of phospholipids with proteins inside
Function of Membranes?Physical isolation (ICF & ECF, environment) - Environmental exchange (entry, elimination and release) - Cell and environment communication - Structural support (proteins makes tissues & anchor cytoskeleton)
Are all membranes created equal?No
What happens if the membrane is more metabolically active?membrane has more protein
3 types of lipids in membranes Phospholipids, sphingolipids, cholesterol
structure of lipids(Ampipathic) Polar Hydrophilic head, Non-Polar Hydrophobic fatty acid tail
Lipids can arrange themselves as?Lipid bilayer, Micells (lipid droplets, heads outside and tails inside circle), Liposomes (aqueous inside)
Phospholipidsmajor lipid: hydrophillic heads hydrophobic tail,
SphingolipidsLipid rafts: Fatty acid tail, phosphate group or sugar attached
CholestrolIncreases viscosity & decreases permeability: stiffens membranes so it can flex without breaking
What happens in air-water enviornment ?Monolayer, head down and tail up
If there is no air-water enviornment what happens?Bilayer forms
Cell membrane model is known as?Fluid mosaic model, protein throughout and extracellular surface has glycoproteins and glycolipids
2 main categories of cell membrane proteins?integral proteins and peripheral proteins
What are Integrated proteins?transmembranes, lipid anchored (directly to fatty acid, GPI anchor)
Integral protein RolesReceptors, Adhesion, TM Movement, Enzymes, Mediator signaling
What are peripheral proteins?Attached to integral protein, attached to phospholipid head
Peripheral protein mechanismsignalling participation, Forms submembranous cytoskeleton
Lipid anchored proteins associate with _____ than _____sphinogolipids - phospholipids
Lipid anchored proteins cholestrol level 3-5x (viscous)
Lipid raftsimportant in cell signaling: Flotillin (planer lipid rafts) - caveolin (indentations),