Physiological values

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Bleeding Time1-3 mins
Clotting Time5-8 mins
Protein Concentration of Plasma60-80 g/L *
Hematocrit0.37-0.47(female), 0.4-0.54(male), 0.49-0.61(newborn)
Specific Gravity of Blood1.06g/cm3
Specific Gravity of Plasma1.03g/cm3
Osmotic Resistance of RBCs0.45%NaCl
Sedimentation Rate of RBCs3-8mm/h(males), 6-11mm/h (females)
Hb Concentration of the Blood140-180g/l(males), 120-160g/l(females)
Erythrocyte(RBC) Count4.3-5.6million/mm3(males), 3.9-5.3million/mm3(females)
Mean Diameter of RBCs7-7.5micrometer in diameter
MCV82-92 cubic micrometer
MCH28-36 pg
MCHC310-360 g/l
Leukocyte Count4500-8000 cells/microliter
Reticulocyte Count5-15 per 1000RBC
Platelets Count1 per 20 RBCs or 150-400000/microliter *
Osmolarity of the Plasma300 miliosmol/l
Na+ level (plasma - cytosol)136-146 --> 12 (mmol/l)
K+ level (plasma - cytosol)3.8-5.2 --> 140 (mmol/l)
Cl- level (plasma - cytosol)96-106 --> 3 (mmol/l)
pH of Blood7.4(7.38-7.42)
Water Content of the Human Body60%
Intracellular and Extracellular Water RatioIntracellular:55%, Extracellular:44%
Albumin-Globulin Ratio2/1
Albumin concentration35 - 48 g/l
Globulin concentration20 - 25 g/l
Fibrinogen concentration2 - 4 g/l
Prothrombin time11 - 16 s