PhysioII Hard Detail Shiz

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What is the *other* tissue that also has GLUTs as part of the cell membrane but is not a glc-dependent tissue?liver
What is the main energy pathway for RBCs?anarobic glycolytic
Where can you find LDH?muscle, liver, rbc git, kidneys
Which hormone needs to be dominant to stimulate glycogen production?insulin
Phosphatase present in what cells?Liver
Which 2 tissues are capable of gluconeogenesis?liver and kidney
What stimulates and inhibits HSL?inhibited by insulin stimulate glucagon, cortisol, epi and gh
What are the three Ketone Bodies (Ketoacids) that are formed by the accumulating Acetyl groups in the liver?Acetoacetic Acid, Acetone, and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
What are the main Glc precursorsProprionate --> 70% 2. Amino Acids --> 20% 3. Lacate, Pyruvate, Glycerol
During Fasting what provides fuel for glc-independent tissues? lipolysis
What is C-Bili converted to in the intestinesUrobilin / Stercobilin
Your thyroid Hormone is behind your heat loosing and Heat Conserving mechanisms, when do you expect your thyroid hormone levels to be reduced?hot environment
During Hypothermia at what body temperature does your heating regulating mechanisms fail? 29 C
: What body temperature does your heart go into cardiac arrest?20C
For Hyperthermia / Heat Stroke - What body temperature causes an impairment of cellular functions, endothelial damage, plasma leakage and hemorrhages?41.5-42.5
How often do the A cycle *Mixing cycle* contractions occur?3 contractions q 2 min depending on roughage
normal rumen ph range5.5-6.8
What is the daily fluid volume entering/leaving the hindgut of the horse?It equals the Total ECF volume - 20-25% of its body weight!

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Initiation of protein synthesis and production takes some time, what is the characteristic time delay of steroid hormone effects?min 45 min to hours
Alpha (A) Cellsglucagon
beta cells insulin
delta cellssomatostatin
f or pp cellspancreatic polypeptide
What is the secondary messenger in the Insulin Cellular Mechanism?The Beta Parts of the receptor become the activated Tyrosine Kinase ( = Second Messenger
Glucagon is very specific unlike Inuslin, What is Glucagon’s main target tissue?liver
Glucagon only opposes Insulins effect on metabolism of what?carbohydrates
What does Glucagon stimulate in Very High Concentrations?lipolysis
When we have a low blood glucose level, what will stimulate glucagon secretion?High Plasma Amino Acids
What two pathways are Actively Inhibited by Insulin, that cause a Catabolic Situation when Insulin is not present anymore (Diabetes)?lipolysis and proteolysis