Physio final

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Question Answer
ADH from what hypothalamic nuclei?Supraoptic nuclei
Oxytocin from what hypothalamic nuclei?Paraventricular
Neurophysin 1 is produced with what? Neurophysin 2?ADH, OxyTWOcin.
Uterine contractions aren't enough, what to give?Pitocin (oxytocin analogue) - OT receptors also increase during parturition
AVP/ADH effects on Na+?Increases h2o/Na+ retention in kidneys, leads to concentrated urine
ADH is a peptide hormone. What disease is from a lack of itDiabetes insipidus (can be caused by head injury.. pituitary tumor.. surgery)
More GH or PRL?100x more GH.
LH and FSH similarity?Same alpha unit, dinstinct beta subunits
GnRH release pulse rate effects on LH and FSH release?Fast pulse = more LH, less FSH (fish swim faster when the tides are coming in slow)
DA, SS, GABA affects on PRL?All 3 act as PRL inhibitory factors
TRH, OT, Est, Neurotensin affects on PRL?Prolactin releasing factors
Hyperprolactinemia from what two cancers?Prostate and breast, unknown mechanisms
Why hypothalamic hormone can too much PRL lowerGnRH, which lower's the AP's FSH and LH
Galactorrhea is caused by whathyperprolactinemia
Bromocriptine binds to what receptor with 5-10 times higher affinityDopamine
Bromocriptine used for what purposereduce prolactinoma size - causes lower PRL levels fast
Most pituitary adenomas are what type?30% prolactinomas, but 15% are GH secreting
Prolactinoma effect in women? Men?Amennorrhea and possible lactation. Men become impotent
Middle (pituitary) hormone between CRH and cortisol? ACTH
agouti related peptide has what feeding effect? Similar to what other hormone?Feeding stimulatory, Orexin. (POMC too)
Glucagon, cortisol, GH, and Epineph all have what effect on glucose in the blood?Increase it.
somatostatin effect on insulin? Glucagon? GH? Gastrin?INHIBITS SECRETION OF ERRTHANG.
Insulin promotes formation of triglycerides by inhibitinghormone senstive triglyceride lipase (HSL)
Male or female have more GH? Who has larger spikes?Females have more GH, males have larger GH spikes.
When is GH highest plasma []?Night/puberty (it's diurnal)
Ghrelin affect on GH?Increases at both the level of the pituitary and GHRH hypothalamus
IGF-1 from the ___ in response to GHLiver.
GLP-1...incretin like glucode dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP), makes oral glucose response more than IV
TH and testosterone have what effect on GHIncrease
acromegaly vs gigantismafter puberty vs before
Low IGF-1 levels suggest what deficiency?GH
Laron syndrome can't get cancer or diabetes because they don't respond toGH - they lack GHRH-R's, meaning no IGF-1