Physics units 1

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Section 1

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distance, displacement s or dmetre m
speed, velocity vmetre per second ms-1
force Fnewton N
time tsecond s
change of velocity (triangle-v)metre per second ms-1
acceleration ametre per second squared ms-2
mass mkilogram kg
weight Wnewton N
energy Ejoule J
work done W or EWjoule J
potential energy Ep or PEjoule J
height hmetre m
kinetic energy Ek or KEjoule J
power Pwatt W
momentum pkilogram metre per second kg ms-1
area Asquare metre/metre squared m2
temperature Tdegree Celsius or kelvin °C or K

Section 2

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electric charge Qcoulomb C
electric current Iampere A
voltage Vvolt V
resistance Rohm Ω
input voltage V1 or V2volt V
output voltage Vovolt V

Section 3

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frequency fhertz Hz
wavelength lambda (the upsidown v thing)metre m
angle (0 with line through it)degree °
activity ABecquerel Bq
absorbed dose Dgray Gy
radiation weighting factor WR- (none)
equivalent dose Hsievert Sv

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