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What is frictionresistance that one surface or object encounters when moving over or through another object
Force of Staticforce that counteracts an external force and keeps an object from moving
Force of kinetic friction friction force for an object in motion
work an object is moved through some displacement while a force is applied to it
energy the property of matter and radiation that manifest as a capacity to do work
kinetic energy energy of a moving object
conservative force work made on a object between two points is independent of its path EX) gravity
nonconservative forcework done to move an object is dependent on its path
potential energy energy possessed by an object due to its position
gravitational potential energy energy of a system consisting of earths aid on the object near the earths surface
powerrate of doing work or rate at which energy is transferred
positive workenergy is being transferred from the environment to a system
negative work energy is being transferred from system to the environment

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