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What does it mean if a car is changing speed?Accelaration
What state of matter is when atoms are not moving?Solid
What are chalk, limestone, sandstone and shale all examples of? Sedimentary
What are basalt and granite examples of?Igneous
What are: meat, cooking oil, snack foods examples of?Fats
What does a solid do?Doesnt fit a shape container
What does a liquid do?Fits shape of container
What does a gas do?Spreads out to attempt to fill all of the room
What happens to a liquid when it is heated up?Avaporation
What happens to vapour when it is cooled down?Condensation
What is used to make building materials, cement, mortar and concreat?Limestone
What is wrong about transporting limestone?It can cause polution
How can people be addictad to drugs?People can be mentally and physically addicted to drugs

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