Physics 2

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Microwaves Pass to certain phones within range and some pass through atmosphere and used to transmit info from satellites
Radiowaves transmit what Transmit television /radio programmes
Radiowaves Reflected from an electrically charged layer of the upper atmosphere -can reach receivers not in sight due to earths curvature structure
Ozone layer Absorbs UV and UV ionises it to oxygen -chemical change is reversible
CFCS Chemicals used in areosols and fridges -made holes in ozone-more intense in UV radiation
Risk of sunYoung people don't see real risk -old to get skin cancer, difficult to tell how much you receive hot =due to infrared not UV
Some greenhouse gases absorb infrared radiation Sun Rays enter ,heat emitted back at lower freq,some into space ,some absorbed by carbon dioxide -trapped in atmosphere =earth gets hotter
Carbon dioxide Removed by dissolving in oceans, all cells contain carbon =carbohydrates :plant wall -cellulose =carbohydrates
Decomposers Microbes and fungi =breakdown remains of dead animals and release co2 through respiration
Coding and decoding Coding -conveting info from one pulse to another, when wave received decoded-original copy produced

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