Physical geography- North and east

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Great Rift Valley was located in ARABIAN PENINSULA
Tectonic Plates Tear Apart
Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa
Glaciers are melting because of climate change
High concentration of salt makes the color pink
Tectonic Plates- Come togtehter, slide past eachother , move apart
Nubian and Somalian plates splitting into . East Africa will eventually split apart from Africa
Nile River- Starts at the equator ends at the Mediterranean sea
Lake Victoria- Shallow, 200 species of fish
Lake- Tanganyika- biggest fresh water, second deepest
Indian Ocean- 3rd largest oceanic
Red Sea- Seawater Inet
Mediterranean sea- Connected to the Atlantic ocean
Warmer- Coast , Cooler- Highlands
Rainfall is seasonal, Wet seasons alternate w/ dry ones, Long Rain- Apr, May, Short Rain- Oct, Nov
Lies between Sahara countries
Tanzania- Gemstones, Diamonds, Sapphires. Rwanda, Tin. Ethiopia , Uganda- Lumber
Tanzanian, Perteluim, Coal, Uganda, South Sudan, northern eastern Kenya . Sudan- Hydroelectric Power
Land and wildlife resources. Great rift Valley, National Parks, Wildlife sanctuaries