Physical Features of The World

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Section 1

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Aleutian IslandsAlaskan islands
Alps (mountains)Europe mountains
Amazon RiverNorth Brazil (north central east South America)
Andes MountainsSouth America west coast
Appalachian mountainsUSA east coast
Arabian seabetween middle east and India
Arctic oceannorth pole, north of Canada Ocean
Atlantic Oceaneast of usa, west of Europe and northwest Africa
Atlas Mountainsvery northwest corner of Africa

Section 2

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Baltic Seanorth of Europe, south of Scandinavian penninsula
Black Seahorizontal sea northeast of Mediterranean Sea
BorneoLarge island southeast of Thailand
Caribbean Seanorth of South America
Caspian seavertical sea north east of Saudi Arabia
Caucasus Mountains between Black and Caspian seas
Congo Riverupsidedown u in southerncentral Africa
Danube RiverEuropean river

Section 3

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Ganges Riverriver north of India
Gobi Desertlarge desert north of India and China
Great Dividing Range Australian east coast mountains
Greenland (island)north east of Canada
Gulf of Mexicopocket ocean south of USA and east of Mexico
Himalaya mountainsNorth of India
Hindu Kush mountainsmountains northwest of India
Huang yellow riverNorth of China south of Gobi desert
Hudson bayin northeast Canada

Section 4

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New Guinea island north east of Australia
Nile riververtical through northeast Africa
Pacific oceanwest of USA
Persian Gulfbetween Saudi Arabia and Iran
Red Seabetween Africa and Saudi Arabia
Rocky Mountainswestern United States and Canada
Sahara Desertdesert of north Africa
Sierra Madre mountainsCalifornian mountains

Section 5

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Indian OceanSouth of India, east of Africa, west of Australia
Indus Riverriver north west of India
Java islandskinny island south of Borneo
Kalahari Desertsouth Africa
Mediterranean Seanorth of Africa, south of Europe
Mackenzie Riververtical river northwestern Canada
Mekong Riverdiagonal river southern China
Mississippi Riververtical through USA

Section 6

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South China Seasoutheast of China
St. Lawrence Riverriver access to great lakes, north of Northeast USA
Sumatra islandwest of Java, south of Thailand
Tigris and Euphratesrun through Syria and Iraq (middle east)
Ural Mountainsvertical through Asia pointing to Caspian Sea
Volga Riverriver west of Ural Mountains, east of Europe
Yangtze Riverhorizontal through China
Zambezi Rivernortheast of SOUTHAFRICA

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