Physical development of a feotus

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What is the germinal stage?The stage of pregnancy which begins with the zygote from a fertilized egg up until the zygote implants itself onto the wall of the uterus/uterine wall.
When does the germnial stage occur?first two weeks of life
What are the tendrils/stems?Penetrate the blood vessels in the wall of the uterus
what is the embryonic stage?occurs during the second to eighth week of gestation
define gestationThe carrying of a embryo/feotus over a period of 9 months
What is an embryo?is an organism implanted into the uterus wall, undergoing rapid cell division
define chorionon day 9, the zygote consists of two layers.
define morula?by day 4, a solid ball of cells
what is a blastocyst?an hollow ball of cells hatched from the coat that surounds the egg
What is gastrulation?The prodcution of the 3 layers of cells: the ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm
the ectoderm results in the development of......the nervous system, such as the brain, aswell as the the outer layer of the skin, nails, parts of the teeth
the mesoderm results in the development of.....the bone, blood and muscle
the endoderm results in the development of....the gastralintestinal tract, trachea, bronchi, estachian tubes and vital organs
How is the placenta and the umbilical cord produced?The tendrils/stems fleshy disc-like structure devlopes into the placenta which is then attatched to the feotus through the abdomen as the umbilical cord
what is the role of the umbilical cord?to transfer oxygen and nutrience to the feotus through semipermeable membranes
what is the neural tube?It is a structure formed by the ectoderm layer, folding in on itself which will later become the brain and spinal cord abouth the fourth or fifth week of gestation
when does gestation officially start?abou two week before conception, which is around the first day of the womans last menstration
at the fourth week...the head begins to take shape followed by the eyes,mouth and nose
at the fifth week....buds appear, that will develope into arms and legs
Cephalocaudal means...development from the head to the tail, so the brain developes first followed by the legs
proximal-distal mean...development occurs from the central areas such as internal organs then, outward areas such as arms and legs

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