Physical Constants

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Physical Constants

Physical ConstantSymbolValue
Atomic Mass Unit (Dalton)amu1.66056x10-27 kg
Mass of an Electronme9.10953x10-31 kg
Mass of an Electronme5.48580x10-4 amu
Mass of a Neutronmn1.67495x10-27 kg
Mass of a Neutronmn1.00866 amu
Mass of a Protonmp1.67265x10-27 kg
Mass of a Protonmp1.00728 amu
Charge of a Protone1.6022x10-19 C
Bohr Radiusa05.292x10-11 m


Physical ConstantSymbolValue
Avogadro's NumberN or NA6.022x1023/mol
Boltzmann's Constantk or kB1.381x10-23 J/K
Boltzmann's Constantk or kB3.298x10-24 cal/K
Electron VolteV1.602x10-19 J
Electron VolteV3.828x10-20 cal
Faraday ConstantF9.6485x104 C/mol
Faraday ConstantF2.306x104 cal/(volt equivalent)
CurieCi3.70x1010 disintegrations/sec
Universal Gas ConstantR=NA kB8.314 J/(mol K)
Universal Gas ConstantR=NA kB1.987 cal/(mol K)
Universal Gas ConstantR=NA kB0.08206 L atm/(mol K)


Physical ConstantSymbolValue
Planck's Constanth6.626x10-34 J s
Planck's Constanth1.584x10-34 cal s
Speed of Light in a Vacuumc2.997925x108 m/s
Permeability of Free Spaceμ04πx10-7 T m/A
Permittivity of Free Spaceε08.854x10-12 C2/(N m2)
Coulomb Constantk=1/(4πε0)8.988x109 N m2/C2
Universal Gravitational ConstantG6.673x10-11 N m2/kg2
Acceleration Due to Earth's Gravityg9.80 m/s2
Acceleration Due to Earth's Gravityg32.2 ft/s2


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