Physical and Skill Related Fitness Methods of Data Collection

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National 4 and 5 Physical Education


On this page you will learn about the different methods of Data Collection for Physical and Skill Related Fitness. Good luck!

Methods of Data Collection (1)


Question Answer
Leger Testa multi-stage fitness test, also known as the bleep/beep/pacer test is a series of stages that have different tasks sometimes used by sports coaches and trainers to estimate an athlete’s maximum oxygen uptake.
12 Minute Cooper Testa physical fitness running test which measures how far an athlete can run round a track within 12 minutes.
Performance Timelinea graphic organiser which helps identify changes as athlete’s performance comes to an end.
Pace Tracker Appelectronic device such as Pace Tracker which gives factual information about how running changes as performance continues and works out average distance covered.
General Observation Schedulea recording sheet (normally tally marks) that is created to gather information on the performance of a particular activity

Methods of Data Collection (2)


Question Answer
POOCH Analysisa stage-by-stage analysis of agility movements in physical activity to identify specific areas ie Problem, Options, Outcomes, Choice and How Successful.
10-Metre Sprinta running test to measure acceleration, along with the maximum running speed and endurance of an athlete, using a marked track or measuring tape, a stop watch and cone markers.
Standing Broad Jumpa simple test to measure the distance jumped by an athlete using the explosive power of legs, a nonslip floor, soft landing area and a tape measure.
Squats/Press Ups Testa basic fitness test used by athletes to build up upper body strength performed in a prone position by raising and lowering the body using the arms within 60 seconds.
Grip Dynamometer Testa strength test which measures the maximum isometric force with which an athlete can squeeze 2 handles together between palm and fingers using a grip dynamometer.

Methods of Data Collection (3)


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Sit and Reach Testa flexibility test which measures the movement at the hip joint using a sit and reach box and ruler.
Goniometer Testa flexibility test which measures the range of movement around the major joints of an athlete’s body using a goniometer, often performed by a physiotherapist.
Groin Testa simple test to measure flexibility around the hip using a measuring tape.
Illinois Agility Testa fitness agility test designed to test an individual’s ability to turn in different directions and at different angles over a weaving running course between a series of cones within a time limit.
Alternate Hand-Wall Throw Testa fitness test designed to test hand-eye co-ordination or athletes using a ball, smooth and solid wall, marking tape and a stop watch.

Methods of Data Collection (4)


Question Answer
Plate Tapping Testa reaction test used to assess the speed and coordination of limb movement of athletes using an alternating wall tapping action to measure upper body reaction time, hand-eye quickness and co-ordination using an adjustable table, yellow discs, rectangle and a stop watch.
Ruler Reaction Testa test designed to monitor how long it takes an athlete to respond to the dropping of an object by measuring how far the object can fall before being caught using a metre ruler and stop watch.
PAR Testa test which records the 3 phases of an athlete’s performance – the preparation phase (before move), the action phase (during move) and the recovery phase (after move).
Rope Testa simple test to measure flexibility around the shoulders using a piece of rope and a measuring tape.
Match Analysissheets or video footage used to look at all shots (or movements) and their effectiveness in a full performance situation.

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