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one sufffer from cystic fibrosis has defective _________ ion channelschloride
dialysis uses process ofsimple diffusion
facilitated diffusion is unable to transport molecules against a concentration gradient T/F?true
diffusion is more rapid in cells w/microvilli compared to those lacking T/F?true
not a general category of cell signaling moleculesenzymatic signaling
gas exchange between cells and extra cellular fluid utilizes passive transport T/F?true
10% dextrose solution is isotonic to plasma T/F?false
passive transport of water is known asosmosis
endocytosis produces vesicles containing extra cell materialtrue
phagocytosis is nonspecific bulk transport process in which mlasma membrane furros inward T/F?false
charge diff across membrane produces membrane potential T/F?true
facilitated diffusion uses carrier proteins to transport molecules actively T/F?false
hydrophobic molecules usually enter a cell viadiffusion
which is able to passively penetrate plasma membraneo2
bulk transport is needed for tranpsort of large polar moclecules in/out of cells T/F?true
rate of diffusion increases as the concentration gradient increases T/F?true
na/k pump transports ___ into cell and ___ out of cell 2k; 3na
facilitated diffusion of molecule into cell would be more rapid ifconcentration of the molecule outside the cell increased
protein carrier mediated transport of molecules display ___specificity, competition, saturation
a term descibes memebrane that allows certain molecules to penetrate itselecitively permeable
Na/K pump creates ___ chargenegative
inorganic ion diffuse thru protein channels in plasma membrane T/F?true
active transport proceeds when energy is expended T/F?true
___ transport doesnt require membrane proteinssimple diffusion
most cells have resting membrane potential between-65 and -85
process where waste molecules are removed from blood by having them diffuse thru artificial porous membrane is known as dialysis T/F?false
na/k pumpis electrigoenic pump
cells placed in hypotnic solution willincrease in volume

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inhibition of receptor-,ediated endocytosiscould induce hypercholestermia
glucose entry into cell is facilitated diffusion T/F?true
this is true of oral rehydration therapytreats diarrhea, saves children, and uses glucose to aid in absoprtion
receptor mediated endocytosis would allow cells to selectively remove molecules from extracell fluid T/F?true
osmotic pressure of solution is directely related to its solue
intake of specific molecule from extracellular compartment by cell occurs throughreceptor mediated endocytosis
transport maximum is related to property known assaturation
simple diffusion is the net diffusion of solvent T/F?false
hypertonic solutions stimulate cellular lysis T/F?false
solution consist of ___ and dissovles ____solvent; solute
rate of diffusion is influenced by concentration gradient, membrane permeability, and membrane SA
active transport proteins often regulated by phosphorylation T/F?true

Section 3

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channels present in membranes of some cells that allow rapid movement of wateraquaporins
na/k pump restores theneuron after an action potential
release of neurtransmitters happens in exocytosis
active transport carriers pump down the concentation gradient T/F?false
membrane rransport processes are always passive T/F?false
ion channels that can be opened by attatchment of molecule to receptor are said to beligand gated
active transport usesenergy
hyperkalemia ___ resting membrane potential of the celldecreases
do not normally have aquaporins in the membraneskin
osmosis and simple diffusion dont require action of carrier proteins T/F?true