Phys muscle 2

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what is treppea staircase increase in tension production after repeated simulation
what is motor unit summationincrease in the number of motor units stimulated
what is frequenct summationincreasing the frequency of stimulation of muscle fibers. can be complete or incomplete tetany
incomplete (unfused) tetnaymuscle fibers are stimulated at a rate where they dont completely relax before next stemuli
complete (fused) tetnayhigh rate of stimulation where the muscle fibers do not relax betwenn stimuli
what is a isomeric contractiontention rised but resistance stays the same , no shortening of the muscle
what is isotonic contractionresults in muscle shortening
what is creatine phosphateadds a high energy phosphate group to ADP forming ATP
what is the enzymes that catalyze the transfer of phsphate bewtween creatine and ATPcreatine phosokinase (CPK)
whaer is CPK 1 locatedbrain and lungs and increases due to a stroke or convulsions
whereis CPK 2 foundheart and increases due to myocardial infarct
where is CPK 3 locatedmostly in skeletal muscles and increased do to muscle trauma and muscular dystrophy
what are slow fibersspecialized for endurance high fatigue resistance
fast fiberscontract fast but fatigue fast also
what gives the muscle the red colormyoglobin:pigment in the muscle specialized for oxygen storage until needed
what cause muscle fatigudepletion of ATP, reduced release of Ca+2, failure of nerve impulse to release ACh, and depletion of intercellular K+ and accumulation of extracellular K+
what causes the excitation contracting coupleing in the cardiac muscleCa2+ induced Ca2+ release
in smooth muscle what replaces troponincalmodulin
what does the calmodulin Ca2+ complexmyosin light-chain kinase (MLCK)