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Section 1

Question Answer
come outbecome known, develop (book, an article)
go outleave house and go out to enjoy yourself
get sth out take out of a pocket/bag
take someone outtake someone for a dinner
a fall-outan argument
carry outdo and complete sth that you said you would do / urzeczywistnić, przeprowadzić np wycieczke
break outstart and spread (a war)
drop out (of)withdrawn, from academic studies
fall outquarrel
find outdiscover sth by making observation/studying
knock outeliminate from
leave outto not include or mention (someone or something) pominąć
look out !be careful !
make out manage to see, understand sth, grasp the meaning of sth / rozczytać pismo
pass outfaint, lose consciousness
cast awaythrown out or left without friends or resources
pull out move out of line
put out extinguish a fire
run outexpire
set outbegin a journey, to arrange and present graphically or systematically
turn outproduce, manufacture / to produce often rapidly or regularly by or as if by machine
wear outbecome unusable, becauce of continuous use
worn out (as a person) tired, exhausted
try outtest
sort out to understand or find (something, such as a reason or a solution) by thinking
cut outto form by erosion / wyciąć, wykroić
turn outempty / to become in maturity / okazać się
get out of pozbywac sie / avoid doing sth
set out at wyjechac / zaczac podroz
leave out (of the team) kick out
find out (a meaning)look it up

Section 2

Question Answer
pay off (a debt) give money back
at the peak of sthat the top of sth
take off (a plane) / (clothes)wystartować / zdjąć
call offto draw away, cancel
lay offto leave undisturbed / make redundant - zdbędny
come off to acquit oneself
put offpostpone / discourage from
let offto allow (someone) to get off a bus, an airplane / to allow (someone who has been caught doing something wrong or illegal) to go without being punished / to cause (something) to explode or to be released in a forceful way
take offimitate (przedrzeźniać)
go offturn sour (zjełczały) / girlfriend when you dont like her anymore
set off wyjechac w podroz
go offgirlfriend when you dont like her anymore
go off (an alarm)

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