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PhotoautotrophsUtilize sunlight energy
chemoautotrophsUtilize chemical energy
PhotonParticle of light, bundle of energy
SpectrumFrequency of light
Lower spectrum means ______Higher energy
Lower photon means ______Lower energy
AbsorptionPhoton capable to be taken
ReflectionPhoton incapable to be taken
PIgmentMolecules capable of absorbing light

Section 2

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ChloroplastReaction center, contain chlorophyll
Chlorophyll is ______ (color)Green
Chlorophyll containPigment
Reactant and product of photosynthesisC2O + H2O +sunlight -> O2 + sugar (actually G3P) + H2O
Chlorophyll AMain pigment
Chlorophyll BAccessory pigment
Accessory pigmentAbsorb additional photon that chlorophyll A cannot

Section 3

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Chronic order of photosystemPhotosystem II P680 -> Photosystem I P700
Pigment capture photon to excite ______Electrons
Electron donor for Photosystem II P680Water
Electron donor for Photosystem I P700Photosystem II P680
Photosystem occur within _______Chloroplast
Photosystem I produce _______NADPH
Photosystem II produce _______ATP and excited electron
Photosystem requireSunlight

Section 4

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Calvin cycle requireATP and CO2
Calvin cycle produceGlucose
NADPHProvide proton gradient and electron donor
Calvin cycle does not requireSunlight
G3PMake glucose and fructose

Section 5

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PhotorespirationOxidize RuBP, release CO2
Photorespiration occur when ______No sunlight
C3 pathwayCO2 captured and used up within the cell
C4 pathwayCO2 captured and transported to adjacent cell
Cell that capture CO2 (C4)Mesophyll cell
Cell that carry out Calvin cycle (C4)Bundle-sheath cell
CAM plantC4 pathway, carry out Calvin cycle during sunlight