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the importance of photosynthesis to the life on earthfood and oxygen production. Makes energy inform of glucose.
chemical equation for photosynthesisC6H12O6+6O2=6CO2+6H2O+energy
why a particular pigment has a particular colorcolor is that of the wavelength reflected or transmitted
pigment found in chloroplasts, colors that are absorbed/reflect, and how they are organized into photosystemsThe thylakoids membrane. The pigment is in the center and has to be chlorophylla. They send energy.
how do electrons transport chains that involved with photosynthesisreactions between an electron donor and electron acceptor to transfer of H+ ions across the memebrane, through a set of mediating biochemical reactoins
the effect of photosynthesis on the greenhouse effect and global climatephotosynthesis removes CO2 from the atmosphere
deforestation on the greenhouse effectincreases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
with the disappearance of tree....photosynthesis cannot take place