Photosynthesis terms

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lgiht reactionssyntehsis of atp and nadph
carbon fixationincorpertaing co2 into carbohydrates
calvin cyclecycle occuring in stroma
photonssmall packets of em radiation
photosystemsphotosynthetic pigments gathering light energy
stromainterior of chloroplast
chloroplastmembrane bound organlle that carries out phtosynthesis
thylakoidsflattened sacs in chloroplast, where light rxns occur
granastack of thylakoids
lightenergy source for atp and nadph syntehsis
lameliaegrana is connected by the lameliae
chemical energypotential energy source for carbon fixation
thylakoid membranesurrounds the lumen
ground statelowest potential energy level of an electron
excitationabsorption of energy by an electron
fluorescencerelease of energy as light, electron returns to ground state
primary electron acceptorcompound reduced by excited chlorophyll electron
antenna complexweb of chlorophyll molecules that transfer energy to the reaction centre
reaction centretransmembrane protein of chlorophyll that absorbs light energy
non cyclic electron flowphoton energized e move to produce atp andNADPH
z proteinsplits water
photophosphorylationlight dependant formation of atp
cyclic electron flowphoton energized e moves to produce only ATP

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