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what is photosynthesisconversion of light energy into chemical energy
what are the two stages of photosynthesislight-dependent reactions and light-independent reactions (calvin cycle)
what is the inside of the thylakoid membrane calledlumen
what is the thylakoid membrane located inthe stroma
where does the calvin cycle occurstroma
where are the chlorophylls and carotenoids located and what is there purposethylakoid membrane and they absorb light
what are the purposes of the thylakoidslight absorption, electron transfer, ATP synthesis by ATP synthase

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what happens when a photon is absorbedcauses electron to move from ground state to a higher energy orbital to an excited state
what happens after an electron is excited in a chloroplasteither it drops back down to ground state and energy released is transferred to a pigment or the high energy electron is transferred to an electron accepting molecule
what is a photosystem composed offantenna complex and central reaction centre
what is the antenna complexpigments that surround reaction centre and absorb and transfer energy
what happens in the reaction centreenergy is transferred to chlorophyll a and then to the primary electron acceptor from where electrons are donated to electron transport carriers
where does chlorophyll a get electrons fromsplitting of H2O, 2 electrons from water replace electrons lost, releasing O2 and contributing 2H+ to proton gradient
which way does H+ flowdown the concentration gradient, from thylakoid space to stroma
what is the electron carrier used and for whatNADP+ collects electrons that are used in the Calvin Cycle to aid in sugar production

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