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Section 1

Question Answer
MetathesiophobiaFear of changes.
KenophobiaFear of voids or empty spaces.
AcerophobiaFear of sourness.
Febriphobia Fear of fever.
ElurophobiaFear of cats.
AerophobiaFear of drafts, air swallowing, or airbourne noxious substances.
SpectrophobiaFear of specters or ghosts.
IllyngophobiaFear of vertigo or feeling dizzy when looking down.
OneirophobiaFear of dreams.
RanidaphobiaFear of frogs.

Section 2

Question Answer
Psychrophobia Fear of cold.
AblutophobiaFear of washing or bathing.
ScelerophibiaFear of bad men, burglars
Pupaphobia Fear of puppets.
OmbrophobiaFear of rain or of being rained on.
EmetophobiaFear of vomiting.
DementophobiaFear of insanity.
ErgophobiaFear of work.
NovercaphobiaFear of your step-mother.
SiderophobiaFear of stars.

Section 3

Question Answer
ThalassophobiaFear of the sea.
AcaropobiahFear of itching of the insects that cause itch
Scatophobia Fear of fecal matter.
NephophobiaFear of clouds.
KoniophobiaFear of dust.
GerascophobiaFear of growing old.
PhalacrophobiaFear of becoming bald.
BrontophobiaFear of thunder and lightning.
PhotoaugliaphobiaFear of glaring lights

Section 4

Question Answer
RhytiphobiaFear of getting wrinkles.
Achluophobia Fear of darkness
ChionophobiaFear of snow.
MacrophobiaFear of long waits.
StaurophobiaFear of crosses or the crucifix.
DoxophobiaFear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise.
PhengophobiaFear of daylight or sunshine.
ArrhenphobiaFear of men.
ThanatophobiaFear of death or dying.
GelotophobiaFear of being laughed at.

Section 5

Question Answer
PagophobiaFear of ice or frost.
AcousticophobiaFear of noise
VerminophobiaFear of germs.
EpistaxiophobiaFear of nosebleeds.
RupophobiaFear of dirt.
OchlophobiaFear of crowds or mobs.
ChorophobiaFear of dancing.
PhagophobiaFear of swallowing or of eating or of being eaten.
HomichlophobiaFear of fog.
AutomysophobiaFear of being dirty.