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What year was the first manual written?1886
Who wrote the first manual?Walter B. Palmer
What is Phi Delta Theta's official cologne?Chrome by Azzaro
Who authored the first manual and who did the author give credit to for proposing the idea of the manual?Walter B. Palmer / J. Marshall Mayer
What is the current edition of the manual?42nd
Who said, "To do what ought to be done, but would not have been done unless I did it, I thought to be my duty"?Robert Morrison
Phi Delta Theta is "The fraternity for..."Life
What is the manual's definition for brotherhood??
What term is used for a pledge of Phi Delta Theta?Phikeia
In what sequence does a meeting proceed according to Robert's rules of order?Opening ceremony, Calling roll, Reading and adopting the minutes of last meeting, Initiation, affiliation or receptioin ceremony, Literary excersises, Proposals for membership, Reports of officers, Reading correspondence, Election or installation of officers, Reports of Committees, General business, Memorial ceremony, Calling the roll, Closing ceremony
What is the term for non-Greek students?Independents
At what university was the first Canadian chapter established?McGill University on April 5th 1902
What are the three cardinal principles by Walter B. Palmer?Friendship, Sound Learning, Moral Rectitude
What is the second oldest institution for higher learning in America?College of William and Mary
What secret society preceded Phi Beta Kappa?Flat Hat Club
What chapter of Phi Beta Kappa revealed its secrets?Harverd in 1831
What do the letters of Phi Beta Kappa mean?"The Philosophy guide of life"
What tree fraternities make up the union triad?Kappa Alpha Society, Sigma Phi, Delta Phi
What was the first chapter of any fraternity established west of the Allegheny Mountains?Alpha Delta Phi
What three fraternities make up the Miami Triad?Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Chi
What was the only fraternity founded during the civil war?Theta Xi
What Sorority was founded as the Adelphean Society in 1851?Aplpha Delta Pi
Who was the first organization of college women established as a national college fraternity?Pi Beta Phi
Which two prominent members of Phi Delta Theta have been honored by women's fraternities and what distinction was each man awarded?George Banta Sr.-Only man ever initiated into Delta Gamma/ Guy Potter Benton- Delta Zeta named him the grand patron and he is the only man to have ever worn the Delta Zeta Badge
First historic meeting?December 26, 1848: Resolved to form a secret society, appointed a committee to create motto, constitution, and bond
Second historic meeting?December 28, 1848: Committee reported and report was amended
Third Historic Meeting?December 30, 1848: Report was further debated and then adopted
Fourth historic Meeting?January 1, 1849: Morton George Williams was initiated
Who was president of Miami University during the Great Snowball Rebellion?Erasmus McMaster
Who authored the bond?Robert Morrison and John McMillan Wilson
Who was the "first-chosen, first-taken, best-beloved?"Morton George Williams
At what university was the first branch of Phi Delta Theta established?Miami University in Oxford, Ohio
Who were the second founding fathers?Walter B. Palmer (Emory-Vanderbilt 1877)/ George Banta Sr. (Franklin Indiana 1876)
In what year was the first Founder's Day established?1879?
How long have members who have received diamond legionnaires been Phis?75 years
Who is the current Executive Vice President?Bob Biggs
What are the three types of committees in Phi Delta Theta?The Executive Committee, The Standing Committees, and Special Committees
What do the symbols on the flag represent?The six stars=The six founding fathers, /Three columns=The three cardinal principles
What is Phi Delta Theta's Open Motto?-LiteralOne man is no man
What is Phi Delta Theta's Open Motto? LooseWe enjoy life by the help and society of others
What four risk management policies regarding alcohol must be followed at all times??
Give the names of the six founding fathers and the year they graduates?Robert Morrison-1848/ John McMillan Wilson-1949/Robert Thompson Drake-1850/John Wolfe Lindley-1850/Ardivan Walker Rodgers-1851/Andrew Watts Rogers-1851
Name five famous Phis their school and year graduated?Wes Welker (Texas Tech 2006)/ Lou Gehrig (Columbia University 1925)/ Neil Armstrong (Purdue 1955)/ Benjamin Harrison (MIami University 1853)/ Frank Lloyd Wright (University of Wisconsin-Madison 1889)
What year was the South Dakota Alpha chapter founded?1906
Who was the initiate of this chapter?Tridentia
In what province is this chapter located?South Dakota
Who is our chapter advisor??
Who is the current province president??
Who is the current president of this chapter?Tyler Isackson
8 Fraternities?Phi Delta Theta-Delta Tau Delta-Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Tau Kappa Epsilon-Beta Theta Pi-Pi Kappa Alpha-Phi Kappa Theta-Lambda Chi Alpha
Sororities?Alpha Xi Delta-Pi Beta Phi-Alpha Phi- Kappa Alpha Theta

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