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Florence NightingalePerson is innately good of progressing toward perfection through hard work and knowledge of God's law
Florence NightingaleHelping a person to become physically healthy was tantamount to bringing them closer to God
Florence NightingaleHealth is experienced as part of the person's path toward spiritual fulfillment
Florence NightingaleHealth is an innate process and is the combined result of environmental, physical and psychological factors
Florence NightingaleHealth is being able to use well every power we have to use
Florence NightingaleHealth could be augmented through education and the improvement of unsanitary conditions
Florence NightingaleEnvironment refers to physical elements external to the patient that affect the healing process and health
Florence NightingaleNurses help patient retain their own vitality by meeting their basic needs though control of environment
Florence NightingaleNursing places the patient in the best possible condition for nature to act upon it
Virginia HendersonPerson has basic needs that are component of health
Virginia HendersonPerson requires assistance to achieve health and independence of a peaceful death
Virginia HendersonIn person, mind and body are inseparable and interrelated
Virginia HendersonPerson considers biological, psychological, sociological and spiritual components
Virginia HendersonThe theory needs the patient as a sum of parts with biopsychosocial needs
Virginia HendersonEnvironment is the settings in which an individual learns unique pattern for living
Virginia HendersonEnvironment are all external conditions and influences that affect life and development
Virginia HendersonHealth is defined based on individual's ability to function independently as outline in 14 components
Virginia HendersonHealth: Nurses need to stress promotion of health and prevention and cure of disease
Virginia HendersonNursing temporarily assisting individual who lacks the necessary strength, will and knowledge to satisfy 1 or more of 14 basic needs
Virginia HendersonNursing assists nursing in life activities and attainment of independence
Hildegard PeplauNursing is defined as a therapeutic interpersonal process that functions with other human process to make health possible for individuals
Hildegard PeplauNursing is when an organism that strives in its own way to reduce tension generated by needs
Hildegard PeplauHealth is a word symbol that implies forward movement of personality and other ongoing human processes in the direction of creative, constructive, productive, personal and community living
Hildegard PeplauEnvironment is existing forces outside the organism and in the context of culture from where customs and beliefs are acquired
Faye Glenn AbdellahPerson is having physical, emotional and sociological needs
Faye Glenn AbdellahHealth is exclusive of disease/illness
Faye Glenn AbdellahHealth's emphasis should be focused on prevention
Faye Glenn AbdellahEnvironment consists of individual, family & community
Faye Glenn AbdellahNursing is a caring profession that is a continuous research to improve nursing techniques
Dorothea OremPerson - All individual functions independently to survive for health and done by himself without any help
Dorothea OremPerson is engaged in activities to live, for heat
Dorothea OremPerson is recipient of nursing care
Dorothea OremHealth is when persons is able to provide self care
Dorothea OremEnvironment is the external, physical, biological and social factors surrounding the patient
Dorothea OremNursing is the act of assisting others in the provision and management of self-care to maintain or improve human functioning at home level of effectiveness
Imogene KingPerson is an an open system with social, rational, purposeful, action-oriented & time oriented with rights and responsibilities
Imogene KingHealth is a dynamic process that involves range of human life experiences
Imogene KingNursing is a dynamic process & type of personal system based on interactions between nurse and patient
Imogene KingHealth is the continuous adjustment of stressors
Imogene KingEnvironment is the background of human interactions which involves internal and external environment
Dorothy JohnsonHealth exists when balance and steady state exist within behavioral system of client
Dorothy JohnsonEnvironment is defined as all those internal and external environments that have effect on behavioral system
Dorothy JohnsonNursing is an activity that helps the individuals achieve and maintain an optimal level of behavior
Dorothy JohnsonPerson is viewed as an open system with organized, interrelated and independent subsystems
Joyce TravelbeeHealth can be defined as Objective & Subjective
Joyce TravelbeeEnvironment can be defined as having 4 aspects which are illness, suffering, pain & hope
Joyce TravelbeeNursing is defined as an interpersonal process that assists people to cope up with illness
Joyce TravelbeePerson is defined as a unique social being capable of evolving