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The first phase
1-rehearse 26-ancient
2- Jot 27-commit
3-frequent 28-highlight
4-accompanying 29-innocent
5-phase 30-remble, delve


6-employer 31-Scold, reproach, rebuke
7-ideal 32-concern
8-emphasize 33-combine
9-regardless of 34-haphazerd
10-accomplish 35-phenomenal


11-blurt 36-“Extraordinary”
12-lock, hallmark 37- bulletin
13-thoughtful, regard 38-reputation
14-dramatic, dramatically 39-brilliant, brilliantly
15-diary 40-empathize


16-valuable, invaluable 41-eager
17-anticipate 42-pension
18-realistic 43-rank
19-instant, instantly 44-suspicious
20-beware 45- skeptical


21-imperative 46-deny
22-entail 47-pointless
23-essential 48-marvelous
24-parallel 49-utmost, mastery
25-illustrate 50-drift



English in one day
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51- illusion 76-spantaneous
52- Delusion 77- impact
53-nutrition 78- influence
54-tame 79- effect
55-demonstrate 80- hallucination


56-diversity 81-compromise
57-critcal 82-forsake, extended
58- Enforce 83-nightmare
59-zealous 84- consider, reconsider
60-resort 85-miser, spendthrift


61- wheat, willing 86- hypothetical
62-resgin, resignation 87- exploit
63-knockout, barley 88- contagious
64-small-minded 89- therefore
65-petty 90- priceless ,gaze


66-composer, universal 91- fastidious, squeamish
67- Compulsory, obligatory 92- provocation
68-landlord, predict 93- enormous
69-stubborn 94- beg
70-adamant 95-climate


71-forbidden 96- specific, specification
72-prohibt 97-expletive
73-indeed 98- name-calling
74-funeral, burial 99-naive, gullible
75-overwhelming 100-illiterate, luxury


English in one day
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101-computer-literate 126-prejduice
102-convey 127- partiality
103-otherwise 128- prior
104-notorious 129- bias
105-varity, role model 130- presence


106-hesitat 131- indulge
107-gossip 132-sociopath
108-mislead 133-bargin
109-demoralize 134-concentrate
110-delude 135-constructive, destructive
112-memorable 137- invincible
113-participate 138- random
114-acquire 139- hideous, pathetic
115-obtain 140-gorgeous


116-assemble 141-nauseated
117-frown, identify 142-revolt, threat
118-spam 143-puke, vomit
119-scam , fraud 144-vague
120-intend 145-scandle


121- tempt, seduce 146-dominate
122-grant, adjust 147- slight, consume
123-deliberate 148-epic, custom
124-greedy, artificial 149- query, donate
125-undersigned 150-courrpt, sew


English in one day
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151-truma 176-hazard
152-consequences 177-relief
153-frightend, terrified 178-sane, insane
154-offensive, attempt 179- deaf
155-scale 180-reach, reward


156-distorted 181-catalyst
157-regain 182- domiciled
158-rehabilitate 183-penetrate
159-permit 184- implode, collapse
160-expose 185- unlike, unlikely
                                                                    Way , time (Check the uses of these words)
161-immense 186-launch
162-ultimate 187-stumble
163-torture 188- irreversible
164-atrocious 189- valid, invalid
165-initial 190-instinct


166-chase 191-partial
167-salute 192-paralyze
168-stereotype 193-tunnel, invasion
169-consciousness 194-rejoice
170-beforhand, subsequent 195-separate


171-constume 196-deter
172-accelerate, expedite 197-hassle
173-surround 198-inherent
174-fatal, accurate 199-settlement
175-fait accompli 200-opponent


English in one day
Brought to you by: Adnan Anter