Phase III - Rating Badges

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Question Answer
1. Aerographer's Mate (AG).Circle on a vertical arrow, winged
2. Air Traffic Controller (AC).Microphone, winged
3. Aircrew Survival Equip­mentman (PR).Parachute winged
4. Aviation Boatwain's Mate (AB).Crossed winged anchors
5. Aviation Electrician's Mate (AE).A winged globe
6. Aviation Electronics Technician (AT).Winged helium atom
7. Aviation Machinist's Mate (AD).A winged two-bladed propeller.
8. Aviation Maintenance Administrationman (AZ).A winged two-bladed propeller centered on an open book.
9. Aviation Ordnanceman (AO).A winged flaming spherical shell.
10. Aviation Structural Mechanic (AM).Winged crossed mauls
11. Aviation Support Equipment Technician (AS).Crossed maul and spark, winged
12. Naval Air Crewman (AW).Spark-pierced electron orbits over wave, winged
13. Boatswain's Mate (BM).Crossed anchors
14. Builder (BU).Carpen­ter's square on plumb bob.
15. Personnel Specialist (PS).Book with quill
16. Construction Electrician (CE).A spark on a telephone pole
17. Construction Mechanic (CM).Double-headed wrench on a nut.
18. Cryptologic Technician (CT).Crossed quill and spark
19. Culinary Specialist (CS).Open book with linked old-fashioned keys and a quill
20. Damage Controlman (DC).A crossed fire ax and maul.
21. Electrician's Mate (EM).A globe with longitude and latitude lines
22. Electronics Technician (ET).A helium atom.
23. Engineering Aid (EA).Measuring scale fronting level rod
24. Engineman (EN).A gear.
25. Equipment Operator (EO).A bulldozer
26. Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).Mine on a crossed torpedo and aircraft bomb
27. Fire Control Technician (FT).A range finder.
28. Fire Controlman (FC).A range finder with inward spark on each side
29. Gas Turbine System Technician (GS).A turbine with ducting
30. Gunner's Mate (GM).Crossed cannons
31. Hospital Corpsman (HM).caduceus
32. Hull Maintenance Technician (HT).Crossed fire axe and maul with carpenter's square
33. Information Systems Technician (IT).Four sparks
34. Intelligence Specialist (IS).Magnifying glass and quill.
35. Interior Communica­tions Electrician (IC).Telephone receiver over globe
36. Legalman (LN).Vertical millrind crossing quill
37. Logistics Specialist (LS).Crossed keys
38. Machinery Repairman (MR).Micrometer and gear
39. Machinist's Mate (MM).Three-bladed propeller
40. Mass Communications Specialist (MC).Orbiting satellite with lightning bolts
41. Master-at-Arms (MA).Star embossed in circle within shield
42. Torpedoman's Mate (TM).Torpedo
43. Mineman (MN).A floating mine.
44. Missile Technician (MT).A guided missile and an electronic wave.
45. Musician (MU).A lyre.
46. Navy Counselor (NC).anchor crossed with a quill.
47. Navy Diver (ND).U.S. Navy Mark-V diving helmet and breastplate.
48. Operations Specialist (OS).arrow through an oscilloscope
49. Quartermaster (QM).ship's helm.
50. Religious/Program Specialist (RP).Globe on anchor within compass
51. Ship's Serviceman (SH).Crossed key and quill
52. Special Warfare Operator (SO).Flintlock pistol on an anchor and trident
53. Special Warfare Boat Operator (SB).Cutlass and cocked flintlock pistol on an anchor
54. Sonar Technician (ST).Earphones pierced by an arrow
55. Steelworker (SW).An I-beam suspended from a hook
56. Utilities Man (UT).valve
57. Yeoman (YM).Crossed quills
58. Postal Clerk (PC).Postal cancellation mark

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