Phase III - Rank & Recognition

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Section 1

Question Answer
Marines E-1Private
Marines E-2Private First Class
Marines E-3Lance Corporal
Marines E-4Corporal
Marines E-5Sergeant
Marines E-6Staff Sergeant
Marines E-7Gunnery Sergeant
Marines E-8Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
Marines E-9Master Gunnery Sergeant/Sergeant Major
Marines E-*Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

Section 2

Question Answer
Army E-1Private
Army E-2Private
Army E-3Private First Class
Army E-4Corporal/Specialist
Army E-5Sergeant
Army E-6Staff Sergeant
Army E-7Sergeant First Class
Army E-8Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
Army E-9Command Sergeant Major/Sergeant Major
Army E-*Sergeant Major of the Army

Section 3

Question Answer
Air Force E-1Airman Basic
Air Force E-2Airman
Air Force E-3Airman First Class
Air Force E-4Senior Airman
Air Force E-5Staff Sergeant
Air Force E-6Technical Sergeant
Air Force E-7First Sergeant/Master Sergeant
Air Force E-8First Sergeant/Senior Master Sergeant
Air Force E-9First Sergeant/Chief Master Sergeant
Air Force E-*Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force

Section 4

Question Answer
O-1Second Lieutenant (=Ensign)
O-2First Lieutenant (=Lieutenant Junior Grade)
O-3Captain (=Lieutenant)
O-4Major (=Lieutenant Commander)
O-5Lieutenant Colonel (=Commander)
O-6Colonel (=Captain)
O-7Brigadier General (=RDML)
O-8Major General (=RADM)
O-9Lieutenant General (=VADM)
O-10General (=ADM)

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