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Who is Sims Hall named after?Admiral William S. Sims
What did Admiral William S. Sims develop?navigational text long used by Merchant Marines and Navy
Admiral William S. Sims was hand picked by Theodore Roosevelt to...?be inspector of Naval target practice
Responsible for the adoption of the ______ system.convoy system, protecting allied merchant ships against German submarine attacks, WWI
Served as ___________ and __________ of Navy War College, reforming numerous Navy combat tactics.Head, President

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Who is Martin Hall named after?LT Cecil Martin
What was LT Cecil Martin's enlisted rate?MN1
LT Cecil Martin was awarded the _____ and ______ for bravery in Vietnam.Navy Cross, Bronze Star
Rescued cover boat members downed by enemy rockets while providing ______ and ________first aid, returning fire
LT Cecil Martin successfully extracted numerous _____ and _____ personnel.wounded, injured

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Who is Gallery Hall named after?Rear Admiral Daniel V. Gallery
Gallery was Captain of what escort carrier?USS Guadalcanal
When did Gallery capture a German U-505 submarine off the coast of West Africa?June 4, 1944
What was special about Gallery's capture of the German U-505 submarine?only submarine ever boarded and captured by U.S. forces and first foreign man-o-war captured by U.S. Navy since 1815

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The USS Recruit is built to scale, two-thirds the size of a __________.Dealey-Class Destroyer Escort
The USS Recruit was commissioned in _______ and decommissioned in __________.July 27, 1949. March 1967
What is the nickname of the USS Recruit?USS "Never Sail"
The USS Recruit was recommissioned/refurbished in _______ to look like __________.1982, Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate
When was the USS Recruit decommissioned for good?1997, base closed
The USS Recruit is the only landlocked ship for most of her first ___ years.18

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Admiral U. S. Grant Sharp, Jr. was awarded...2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars
What three positions did Admiral U.S. Grand Sharp, Jr. hold?Deputy Chief of Naval Operations, Commander Pacific Fleet, Commander Pacific Command
What three wars was Admiral U.S. Grant Sharp, Jr. a decorated veteran of?WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War
Admiral U.S. Grant Sharp, Jr. was a direct descendant of Civil War General...Ulysses S. Grant

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Admiral U. S. John H. Sides was appointed Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet, on _____.August 31, 1960
Admiral U.S. John H. Sides was director of __________ for the CNO.guided missile division
Admiral U.S. John H. Sides contributed vastly to the Navy's guided missile programs, resulting in what is now the ___.AEGIS system

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Name all six Base Heritage buildings.Sims Hall, Martin Hall, Gallery Hall, USS Recruit, Admiral U.S. Grant Sharp Jr., Admiral John H. Sides

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