Pharyngeal Arches

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Section 1

Question Answer
1 arteryMaxillary
2 arterystapedial
3 arteryCommon Carotid, Internal Carotid
4 artery LeftAortic Arch
4 artery RightSubclavian
6 artery LeftDuctus Arteriosus
6 artery RightPulmonary Artery

Section 2

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1 CartilageMeckel, Mandible, Malleus, Incus, Mandibular
2 CartilageStape, styloid, lesser horn of hyoid, stylohyoid lig
3 CartilageGreat Horn of Hyoid
4 & 6 CartilageThyroid Cricoid, Arytenoid, cornicuate, cuneiform

Section 3

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1 MuscleMuscles of Mastication, Masseter, Medial & Latery Pterygoi, Mylohyoid, Ant Belly of the Digastric, Tensor tympani, Tensor veli palatini
2 Musclestapedius, stylohyoid, platysma bell
3 Muscle Stylopharyngeus
4 MusclePharyngeal constrictors, cricothyroid, levator veli palatini
6 MuscleAll muscles of larynx EXCEPT cricothyroid

Section 4

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1 NerveCN V2/ V3
2 NerveCN VII
3 NerveCN IX
4 NerveCN X - superior laryngeal
6 NerveCN X- recurrent laryngeal

Section 5

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1 Abnomalities Treacher Collin Syndrome
Treacher Collin Syndromemandibular hypoplasia, facial deformities
2 AbnomalitiesCongenital Pharyngocutaneous Fistula
Congenital pharyngocutaneous fistulapersistence of cleft and pouch between tonsillar area and lat neck
3 Arch Abnomalities None Posterior 1/3 of tongue along with arch 4
No AbnormalitiesArches 3, 4, 6
6 AbnormlaitiesNone
1 CleftExternal auditory Meatus
2-4 CleftTermporal Cercival Sinus
Persistent Temporal Cervical Sinusobliterated by proliferation of 2nd arch and mesenchy

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