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T/F: dependence of alcohol cause physical dependence AND psychological dependence.True
Tamoxifen is used for Breast cancer treatment. T/FTrue
T/F: RU-486 is used for late-term abortionFalse (used for early EARLY term abortion according to OT)
T/F Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol are not dangerous and not life threateningFalse
T/F Tamoxifen is a androgen receptor agonistFalse (estrogen antagonist)
How is Nitroglycerine administered?Sublingual (parentaral)
Midazolam ...A. useful analgesic by all routes B. produces hypnosis. C. A & B D. neitherB (internet says it is a hypnotic drug; OT said Neither... I'd go with B. hypnotic)
T/F: Naltrexone is a mixed-acting opioidFalse (not an opioid)(rather for making them ineffective)
Which cancer drug is an alkylating agent? (list the 2 given to us)Cyclophosphamide & Busulfan (→ treat Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Chronic Lymphocytic) (OT says 5-flurouracil, which is actually an anti-metabolite)
T/F: Substitution at CI7 ofthe estrogens and progestins inc hepatic 1st pass metal of these compounds thereby reducing their oral bioavailabilityFalse (substitution INCREASES bioavailability)
Various insulin preps/formulations differ in: A. pharmacodynamic properties B. pharmacokinetic prop's C. both D: neitherB differ in onset and duration; which are Pharmacykinetic properties
Insulin exerts the following effects EXCEPT: A. inc. glucose uptake B. dec. lipase activity C. inc. lipase activity D. dec. gluconeogenesis E. dec. glycogenolysisC. Insulin does NOT increase lipase activity
Carbidopa is used for tx in Parkinson's ... what does it do that makes it an effective adjunctive for Levodopa?it dec.'s peripheral metabolism of levodopa
Parkinson's disease may be aggravated by overreactivity of which of following central neurons: A. GABAergic B. Serotonergic C. A&B D. neitherA
Anticancer drugs cause the greatest acute adverse effects in which of the following organ/tissue? A. GI mucosa B. skin C. A&B D. neitherC. (nausea & diarrhea) (I could see putting both, because both are rapidly dividing cell populations) (hair loss)
Which ofthe following anticancer drugs can be classified as an antimetabolite: A. Busulfan B. Flourouracil C. Vincrustine D. Methotrexate E. None F. A & C. G. B & DB. Flurouracil & D. Methotrexate
T/F: Give IV route for long halflife drugsFalse
T/F: Proper dosage is less important for digoxin than amoxicillinFalse (Digoxin has very narrow therapeutic window)
T/F: Cancer pts with treated cytotoxic drugs inc. susceptibility to infection and inc bleedTrue
T/F: Ethanol's metabolism follows zero order kineticsTrue (meaning elimination?)
T/F: Methotrexate is capable of causing drug-induced stomatitisTrue
T/F: Prophylactic antibiotics may be recommended for dental pts taking antineoplastic drugsTrue (?) ("remains controversial)
T/F: Morphine as an emergency drug is used to increase coronary blood flowFalse (used to relieve chest pain and anxiety of MI patients)
Pharm effects of ethanol include: a. Sedative-hypnotic. b. Vasoconstriction. c. Induction of microenzyme activity with intoxication. d. a&c.D
T/F: Inhibition ofvitamin-K-producing bacteria decreases the efficacy of heparin.False
T/F: Flutamide, a testosterone receptor antagonist, is indicated for prostate cancer.True
T/F: Aromatic ammonia irritates mucous membranes and stimulates the respiratory and vasomotor centers of the CNS medulla.True
T/F: Amyl Nitrate irritates mucous membranes and stimulates the respiratory and vasomotor centers of the CNS medulla.False (should be Aromatic Ammonia)
Selegiline is a selective MAO-B isozyme inhibitor. Antimetabolites include: a. Methotrexate. b. Fluorouracil. c. Busulfan. d. a&b. e. All ofthe above.D
Myelosuppression and immunosuppression are characteristic of which type of antineoplastic agent? a. Hormonal. b. Cytotoxic. c. Both. d. Neither.B
What is one ofthe primary treatments for methyl alcohol poisoning?ETHANOL
Which 2 cancer drugs act by binding to tubulin?vincristine & vinblastine (vinca alkaloids) (aka plant alkaloids) (taxanes also act by binding on tubulins)
Carbidopa, a dopa-decarboxylase inhibitor, is often used in the treatment of parkinsonism because it...DECREASES THE PERIPHERAL METABOLISM OF LEVODOPA


Question Answer
SSRISertraline (ZOLOFT)
Ca channel blockerAmlodipine (NORVASC)
H2 blockerRanitidine
ACE inhibitorEnapril
Macrolide antibioticErythromycin


Question Answer
LisinoprilAce Inhibitor
NifedipineCa channel blocker
MexiletineNa channel blocker
Propanololprevents sympathetic firing
Losartanangiotension II receptor antagonist (Angiotensin2 receptor blocker)


Question Answer
SimvastatinHMG co-A reductase inhibitor
OmeprazoleGI reflux
Losartanangiotensin II receptor antagonists
AlendronatePaget's disease

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