Pharmacy Management Final

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Which of the following is true regarding sexual harassment in the workplace?a. A sexual harasser can be someone who is not an employee of the victim’s employer, such as a client or customer of the company.
1. Which of the following is true regarding the FDA and ASHP drug shortage information websites? a. The content of the FDA website is limited to shortages of drugs, which are considered public health concerns
1. Your hospital pharmacy storeroom tech has just notified you that cefoxitin is backordered. Also he adds that he has heard rumor that there is a shortage of the drug. What are the first two steps in dealing with this shortage? a. Validate the details of the shortage and determine you stock on hand.
1. If a pharmaceutical manufacturer plans to discontinue or reduce the supply of a medication based only on the drug’s lack of profitability, the food and drug administration can and will:a. Encourage the manufacturer to provide additional sources/supplies if the drug is considered important.
1. You’ve gone through all of the appropriate steps to be taken with a drug shortage. In spite of your attempts, you can’t continue to supply cefoxitin for all of the hospital patients. Cefoxitin is also expensive. What do you do at this point? a. Meet with infectious disease physicians and other physicians who usually prescribe cefoxitin and with them determine a suitable alternative medication.
1. You own your independent pharmacy. Even with all the work you are doing, your profits are going down. You estimate that the cost of storing your inventory is 10% of its value. Your inventory contains 12 full bottles of Wonderdrug. The purchase history is 1 bottle bought yesterday at $5000 per bottle and 8 bottles purchased two weeks ago at $10,000 per bottle. Wonderdrug has become available from a generic manufacturer explaining the recent 50% decrease in price. Wonderdrug has been dispensed by your pharmacy at 2 bottles. What do you do regarding the ABC systems? a. Wonderdrug is a category A drug: small number of drugs may be the most expensive.
1. Which of the following is true regarding the staff’s purchasing processes? a. Someone could have used the ROP estimate to determine the best time to re-order the Wonderdrug.
1. Based on the information from question 6, which action would we consider with these decreased profits? a. Implement purchasing procedures and guidelines.
1. When estimating the dollar value of our inventory, which of the following statements is most accurate? a. FIFO ($60,000), multiply the number of wonderdrug bottles in stock by $5000 (most recent price-first in first out)
1. Which of the following methods can be used to reduce inventory in hospital pharmacy? a. Institute programs such as the therapeutic substitution
1. The age discrimination employment act of 1967 prohibits which of the following? a. Employment discrimination only against individuals 40 years of age and older.
1. Which of the following questions would be legal as far as an interview question? a. Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If so, what is the nature of the conviction relevant to this job?
1. Mr. Smith comes into the store yelling and screaming because his prescription refill isn’t ready yet. He threatens to report you to the State Board of Pharmacy. How should you handle this situation? a. Acknowledge an understanding of Mr. Smith’s feelings, agree that his health is important to you and offer potential solutions.
Mission statementa. : measurable objectives or goals, primary audience is internal (employees)
Vision statementsa. : emphasize values, primary audience is external (potential customers)
1. Which of the following budget types is associated with projected revenue and expenses of a pharmacy business? a. Operating budgets: how much money you are going to anticipate running your business (capital budget: make big investments that last a long time)
1. Which of the following best represents employees who are paid a salary? a. Exempt employees (they don’t get hourly wages)
1. You’ve hired Joe as a nonexempt pharmacy tech. Joe is hired for a 20 hours per week position. In August however, two of your other techs are on a vacation and a third tech calls out sick for the whole week. You ask Joe to end up working 60 hours for the week. Which is true? a. Joe is eligible for overtime pay in spite of being considered to be .5 FTE part time employee (non exempt employees are allowed to get paid time and a half)
1. Which of the following is the most relevant regarding progressive discipline? a. Progressive discipline requires informing the employee of potential consequences.
1. What’s the difference between a manager and a leader? a. Manager: legitimate power, represents needs and goals of organization. b. Leader: represents needs and goals of people, uses all types of power.
1. Which of the following management theories might the military follow? a. Theory X: you tell your employees what to do! You are the boss!
1. Which of the following statements regarding performance evaluations is good management? a. Request the employee to offer a performance evaluation of themselves.
1. The equal opportunity act of 1995 prohibited discrimination of all the following except: a. Criminal background (you can discriminate against them)
1. Which of the following are true regarding purchasing? a. 2/10, net 30 means that a wholesaler will give you a 2% discount if you pay your bills within 10 days*****
1. All of the following are common elements of a PD (position description) except:a. Annual salary

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