Pharmacy Law I Objective 1

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Describe what pharmacy laws regulate1. Professional conduct, 2. Drug security, 3. The use of drugs as treatment, 4. Retail sales of drugs, 5. Distribution of drugs, 6. Approval and manufacture of drugs and drug manufacturers, 7. Special classes of drugs
List the sources and types of Pharmacy laws1. State Mandate (a) Professional conduct (b) Patient/Consumer Protection 2. Federal Mandate (a) Interstate commerce (b) National Drug Policy
Define types of pharmacy Laws1. Common Law - developed by the judiciary 2.Statue - Developed by the legislative branch and signed into law by the President or Governor 3. Regulation - A law enacted by an agency 4. Code - A systematic collection of laws
Describe the roles of pharmacist1. Receive new prescription orally 2. Counseling patients 3. identify, evaluate and interpret a prescription 4. interpret clinical data 5. consulting with other health professionals 6. supervising interns, techs, drug packaging and performing the final check of a prescription 7. applying a professional judgement in all functions
Describe the roles of intern1. Performs most duties that pharmacist performs with supervision 2. the final call of the duties an intern may perform is up to the discretion of the supervising pharmacist
Describe the roles of a techinician1. all packaging 2. repetitive, non-discretionary tasks 3. removing drugs from stock 4. counting, pouring, mixing chemicals 5. placing product in container 6. putting labels on container 7. packaging/repackaging
Describe mandated reporter1. Pharmacists are obligated to report known or suspected child or elderly abuse 2. report must include name, address, and phone number and must be made within 36 hrs 3. the reporter has no liability but failure to report may result in a fine of $1000
Outline the concept of dutyAn obligation for someone to behave in a certain way to protect others from risks.
Unprofessional conduct can include1. improper supervision 2. incompetence of a pharmacist 3. incompetence of someone under pharmacist supervision
Describe covenant and fudiciaryCovenant is a relationship btw 2 equal parties while Fiduciary is a relationship btw a professional and a non professional like a layman (e.g. patient)
Describe Emara vs Multicare Health SystemNo discrimination, pharmacy favored bc Emara license did not guanrantee his duties w/o a pharmacist's supervision

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