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Pharmacy Law Final Review 3

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Question Answer
What is CSOS for?Electronic CS order w/o supporting DEA Form 222 paper. CSOS = Controlled Substance Ordering System
DQSADrug Quality And Security Act
503A vs 503B503A = Traditionally compounding; 503B = voluntarily registering to become an "outsourcing facility" & to engage in compounding of sterile drug
For typical prescription vial, absent data to the contrary, identify two key elements of USP guidance regarding “Beyond-use date.”(a) Shall not be later than the expiration date on the manufacturer’s container, or (b) 1 year from the date the drug is dispensed, whichever is earlier
CMI (Consumer Medication Information) which is called Useful written patient informationmust accompany every new prescription dispensed (i.e. given to every drug each time a pt pick up a drug)
"Elements of Assure safe use" might include(a) Patient registries (b) restricted distribution plans (c) certification of healthcare providers (d) special training or experience of healthcare provider


Question Answer
DEA # has how many number character?9 number character
NDC has how many number character?10 - 11 numbers
Practitioners registered as dispenser have DEA # begin w/ ------A, B, F and G
Registration numbers for mid-level practitioners begin with --------an M.
Distributor registration numbers begin with --------a P or an R; once the R numbers are exhausted, a new initial


Question Answer
Who may fill a CS?(a) A Pharmacist (b) Intern Pharmacist (c) anyone authorized by the state law to do so